Navy Commissions E-Reader, Provides Ebooks to Sailors


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Findaway World Partners With the Navy General Library Program to Bring eBooks to Sailors
Navy Selects Longtime Leader in Digital Audiobook Delivery to Distribute Secure, Preloaded eReaders to the Fleet

Findaway World (, a leading provider of technology for digital delivery of audiobook and eBook content, today announced a partnership with the Navy General Library Program (NGLP) to provide a digital catalog of popular eBook titles to Sailors through custom designed, preloaded and secure eReaders. Findaway’s first-ever eReader solution delivers a diverse library spanning best-sellers, classics, professional development, and entertainment selected by the Navy.

The Navy eReader Device, or “NeRD,” was developed in conjunction with the NGLP, an essential component of the U.S. Navy’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) program. With its array of preloaded titles—all accessible through a single, portable device—the NeRD delivers eBook content to encourage leisure and entertainment and promote professional growth. The NeRD augments the NGLP’s range of library services, which includes web-based digital library access to service members and their families at no charge.

By integrating the NeRD into the NGLP, the Commander, Navy Installations Command addresses a challenge common to outfitting maritime vessels with library collections—storage restrictions. Officers and enlisted Sailors have limited access to the Navy’s Library Multimedia Resource Center (LMRC) as a result of physical storage restrictions. NeRD addresses this requirement by consolidating a library that accommodates vessel restrictions in a user-friendly, mobile format.

“Navy Installations Command is constantly seeking to provide our proud Sailors around the world with new tools and resources that can enrich their lives,” said Nellie Moffitt, Navy General Library program manager. “NeRD addresses this goal head-on, with a library of digital titles in a convenient and secure package that circumvents longstanding NGLP challenges in content storage. By partnering with Findaway World, we now have the ideal reading solution for the digital age.”

Findaway World has served both the US Government (USG) and military since 2007, delivering over one million digital media devices with pre-loaded content to over 70 countries throughout the world. Leveraging innovative technology, responsive world-class service, and progressive content acquisition, Findaway services all military service branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps) and the Coast Guard with licensed publisher titles and custom content.

“Since 2007, Findaway World has provided audiobook content to the men and women who serve our country,” said Mitch Kroll, Co-Founder and CEO of Findaway World. “We’re proud to partner again with Navy Installations Command and the U.S. Navy on this initiative and believe that NeRD will provide a unique and enriching eBook experience to the lives of officers and enlisted Sailors.”

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About Findaway World

Findaway World is a leading provider of technology for the delivery of digital audiobook and eBook content, with one of the world’s largest collection of digital audiobooks at over 50,000 titles.

Playaway, Findaway World’s flagship pre-loaded audiobook device, makes it simple to deliver content to library patrons, students and military personnel. Findaway World’s Digital Products, including AudioEngine, an innovative new audiobook distribution platform, enable partners to deliver digital audiobook content across web and mobile products and services.

Founded and based in Solon, Ohio, Findaway World was named one of top-50 fastest growing consumer product companies in the country by Inc. Magazine from 2009 – 2012. To learn more about Findaway World’s products and the Findawayers who make it all happen, visit
Findaway World Overview
130 Findawayers are making it happen every day at Findaway World.
Findaway has cultivated business partnerships with all of the top global publishing companies and industry leading channel distributors to develop one of the world’s largest audiobook collections. More than 50,000 titles are available across Playaway and digital platforms.

Findaway’s core business channels include public libraries, K-12 schools, the U.S. Military, and retail.

Playaway, our flagship product, was introduced in 2005. More than 4.5 million Playaways have shipped within the Continental U.S. and 75 international markets and currently circulate in over 35,000 schools and libraries.

Thousands of Playaway titles are shipped every month to our U.S. troops deployed worldwide.

Findaway World’s mission of ‘simple & immediate access to digital content’ evolved in May 2011 with the successful launch of Playaway View, a pre-loaded video format, and again in 2013 with the launch of Playaway Bookpacks, Playaways packaged together with print books.

In 2014 Playaway was re-designed, re-branded and re-launched as Playaway LIGHT with new features including a larger back-lit screen.

2012 marked the launch of our first digital audio platform, used in K-12 schools nationwide.
2014 established Findaway World as a digital technology leader with the release of AudioEngine — a new audiobook distribution platform that enables seamless access to Findaway’s expansive library of audiobooks through a powerful and flexible API and SDK. AudioEngine is a pioneering technology that enables partners to deliver professionally engineered digital audiobook titles directly to their users.

Several leading companies are currently using AudioEngine to power audiobooks in their platforms, including 3M (Cloud Library), Mackin (MackinVia), Baker & Taylor (Acoustik) and Follet (Catalist Digital), with many other large retailers, content providers and distributors launching worldwide throughout 2014.


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