Multimedia Ebook Creation App Pholium Updates

[Press Release]

Announcing a Major Update to the Multimedia ebook Creation App, Pholium New automated features are included in the iPad app along with helpful editing functions.

After several months of development, 58 North presents the updated iPad app, Pholium v3.0. The multimedia ebook creation app is already useful for making high quality iPad photo books, which can be easily shared. Now, the app has undergone major changes that will be valuable and intuitive for its users.

Pholium now includes an automatic creation option, which allows users to arrange for automatic compiling of photos from multiple sources. If their desired photo content is online, such as on Facebook, Dropbox, or Instagram, the app enables the user to easily retrieve them. Further, Pholium abstracts the origin of the photo and enables users to group and segment photos even if they are from different sources.

“With this major update, users can quickly select photos of an event or time frame, make an ebook automatically, and share it with others,” describes Co-founder and President, Robert Sinclair. “For developers, it can be challenging to combine speed, automation, and customization while maintaining high quality and a seamless user experience. We are proud to announce that the updated version brings these elements together for both the casual and the discerning photo and multimedia book creators.”

Pholium v3.0’s new functionality includes the ability to auto-create books with just a few taps, from recent events, such as weddings, vacations, to the simplicity of a memorable night out. The app can automatically anticipate book-making opportunities and from there users can choose to further edit, add or share their creations.

Pholium is already known as a useful app for creating high quality digital photo and video output. For more information, go to to learn more about updates to the app.

About 58 North, LLC:
58 North is the creator of premium applications that leverage Apple’s iOS 7 and the iPad’s unparalleled capabilities as a creating and content consumption platform. The company works with leading application developers to develop its iPad apps. 58 North is led by uncle and nephew duo Robert and Bill Sinclair, both successful entrepreneurs and amateur photography enthusiasts. Named for the parallel running through the Caithness region of Scotland where the Sinclair clan originated, 58 North was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.


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