Most Americans Now Reading Ebooks?

UntitledA new poll by Harris Interactive, a Nielsen company, suggests they are.

The poll, conducted last month, found a majority of Americans reading ebooks. It estimates that share at 54%, a number far exceeding the 28% a Pew study reported in January. Requests for comment on this discrepancy were not returned.

Not only does the new poll indicate an unprecedented proportion of ebook readers in the U.S., it also found those who read ebooks actually read more books overall.

Much more.

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Barnes & Noble Founder Sells Shares (DBW)
Len Riggio sells off 3.7 million shares of stock in the company he chairs, reducing his stake to about 20%. He remains the largest shareholder after Liberty Media sold the bulk of its own shares earlier this month.

Samsung Galaxy Gets Custom Kindle App (TechCrunch)
An e-reading platform specially designed for Samsung devices hooks users up to the Kindle store and gives away a free ebook every month.

Oyster Installs Fast-Lane With Spritz Collaboration (DBW)
The ebook subscription service lets its users sample new speed-reading technology from Spritz.

Two (Cheap) Ways to Read a Back-List Best-Seller (Forbes)
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People marks its 25th anniversary with a No. 10 spot on the ebook best-seller list, from RosettaBooks for just $1.99. The book is also available to Oyster’s subscription ebook users on Spritz’s speed-reading platform–for free.

Print or Digital, Good Stories Are Good Stories (DBW)
Newberry-winning author Kirby Larson advises children’s writers to maintain focus on their craft as the digital landscape evolves.

Association Publishers Expand Ebook Publishing (DBW)
As e-reading grows apace, association and society publishers are optimizing their digital assets to expand what they offer to members and how they offer it. Here are three such ways.

Google Play on the Upswing (Pub Lunch)
Revenues in the area of Google’s business that includes its Play store are up 48% from last year, though it’s unclear exactly how much of that growth comes from Play itself.

Entitle Supports E-Ink Devices (Good E Reader)
The subscription ebook service formerly known as eReatah unveils a platform designed for dedicated e-reading devices, a capability competitors Scribd and Oyster have yet offer.

Connecticut Poised to Help Libraries Buy Ebooks More Cheaply (The Day)
The House unanimously approves a bill that would set up a statewide system for distributing ebooks to public libraries, increasing their negotiating power with publishers.

Amazon Will Soon Collect Sales Tax in Florida (Daily Commercial)
Starting May 1, Amazon purchases in Florida will come with a sales tax, something Amazon and other online retailers have generally avoided.

Sizing Up Amazon’s Appetite for Sears and Kmart (Forbes)
The possibility that Amazon could acquire Sears and Kmart has been floated before. One commentator says that would makes more sense for the e-tailer now than ever before.

Top Analytics Tools for Publishers (Adam Sherk)
One digital publishing consultant breaks down the best social media analytics tools for publishers. Compare his recommendations with our panelists’ in a recent DBW webcast.

Summer School for Young Publishing Professionals (PW)
PubWest is launching two training conferences this summer for those with one to five years of experience in the publishing industry.


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