More on Kindle Unlimited and Its Effects

kindleKindle Unlimited has had a marked effect on the book publishing industry, even in its first few weeks of existence.

The kinds of books Amazon customers are reading has shifted toward Amazon Publishing titles, self-published titles and books from other publishers participating in Kindle Unlimited. The proportion of ebooks in the top 100 Kindle titles from those sources has gone up significantly in the past weeks.

And so too has the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller list changed – in the opposite way, however. All Kindle Unlimited titles have been removed from the list. The DBW list is meant to highlight purchasing behavior – and at what price – rather than reading behavior, which Kindle Unlimited “reads” is a better reflection of. The move is having a major effect on the overall list and the average price readers are paying for best-selling ebooks.

Much more.

Top-25 best-selling ebooks.

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Amazon Spells Out Terms (DBW)
In a new note to readers and observers, Amazon spelled out what it wants from Hachette, claiming that lower prices make more money for authors and publishers – and mean more people read rather than watch TV or other media activities.

Related: Hear Amazon head of Kindle content Russ Grandinetti at Digital Book World 2015 talk about publishing.

New Digital-First Amazon Imprint (DBW)
Alloy Entertainment, the company behind much of the licensing that powers fan fiction platform Kindle Worlds, now has a new imprint with Amazon Publishing through the same program that gave Seth Godin’s The Domino Project life.

Macmillan Opens up to Libraries (DBW)
The big publisher is now making its entire ebook front-list available to libraries for purchase.
Related: American Library Association praises Macmillan move.

OverDrive Goes Fixed (DBW)
Library ebook platform OverDrive is now offering its customers fixed layout EPUB3 ebooks.

Axis 360 + Boopsie (DBW)
Baker & Taylor has integrated its Axis 360 library ebook system with mobile library app Boopsie. The integration will give patrons using Boopsie library apps the ability to access to the entire Axis 360 catalog of content.

Publishers: Dedicate More to Back-List Marketing (Idealog)
In the world of infinite back-list, publishers should dedicate more effort to marketing books that aren’t new to the world but may be new to each individual reader. Besides, it could help with author retention.

Flipkart Raises $1 Billion (IBTimes)
India’s largest e-commerce business – and a major competitors to Amazon – announced a $1 billion round of funding.

No More Gifts (BBC)
A falloff in giving books as gifts has UK publishers worried.

Aquafadas Launches Wave (DBW)
It’s a new app that shows ebook production professionals and designers just what Aquafadas can do.


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