Mediander Launches Ebook Store

[Press Email]

I would love to talk with you about a new website launch featuring a new kind of Bookshop–, which aims to share book options for purchase based on how books are related to your search vs. related to what others have recently purchased. will solve information/content overload on the Internet with its new concept described as the “Knowledge Engine.”

How is it different from other content sites on the Internet:
· Bookshop offers books related to the topic you searched vs. books related to what others recently purchased
· Aggregates YouTube®, Wikipedia® and other content sources within its easy-to-use “Connects” search tool
· “Connects” shows how a searched topic connects to other topics with its “Six Degrees of…” search approach
· Curates proprietary content with CultureMaps – also known as the new magazine article format
· Video:

Bottom line? goes well beyond what any other content/search site currently offers on the Internet – a true one-stop destination for information discovery that’s perfect for journalists, students, researchers and everyday information seekers.


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