Making Ebooks Educational

shutterstock_148889558 (2)Educational media use drops as children age, a new study has found. Use of digital media or “screen time” increases as kids age, too.

The obvious, though not necessarily true, corollary is that kids aren’t engaging in much educational digital media. If screen time increases as children age, and more screen time was dedicated to educational content, it would follow that engagement with educational content would also increase.

We know from talking to parents with children that perception of educational content is important to parents when making digital content purchasing decisions. So, why aren’t kids engaging more with educational content as screen time increases?

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HMH Builds New Common Core Math Program (DBW)
In its continuing efforts to expand beyond publishing, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has created a series of mathematics curricula materials that align with the new nationwide common core educational standards.

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Class Action Complaint Filed Against Barnes & Noble (DBW)
The beleaguered bookseller can’t catch a break. Law firm Bernstein Liebhard is alleging that Barnes & Noble misled investors. Throw it on the pile.

The Publisher Lag (Good E Reader)
A new book coming out about Edward Snowden in the coming weeks exposes how long it takes established publishers to “quickly” jump on a news trend.

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Academic Ebooks Usage (DBW)
You might think that science, technical and medical ebooks are more popular at academic libraries than their social sciences counterparts. You’d be wrong.

Duke Switches (PW)
The competition for the academic ebook market is heating up. Duke University Press just announced it was switching platforms for the distribution of its titles.

International Booksellers Look to U.S. (Pub Perspectives)
Even as the U.S. ebook revolution continues to gain steam, bricks-and-mortar indie booksellers States-side are reporting record-breaking years. International indies are flocking to the U.S. to learn their bookselling secrets.

Librarians Hampered by Weather (PW)
The American Library Association’s winter meeting got off to a quiet start as the weather played havoc with attendees’ ability to get there on time.

Indie Ebooks Debate (Idealog)
Follow along in a debate between book publishing consultant (and DBW conference partner) Mike Shatzkin and some of the leading indie author advocates around the concept of ebook versus print book sales. We may be biased, but we think it’s pretty clear who makes the better arguments in this one. We’ll let you decide for yourself.

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