Looking Beyond Sales in Direct Bookselling

direct sales bookselling ebooks retailMost publishers experimenting with direct-to-consumer retail recognize that such ventures are really more than just about cutting out the middleman for the sake of the balance sheet.

As Angela Tribelli, Chief Marketing Officer at HarperCollins, explains, a key motive for going direct-to-consumer is establishing a relationship with readers–making HarperCollins’s latest venture, an online Holiday Pop-Up Store, “as much a form of marketing as it is a form of commerce.”

The shop, which is being operated separately from the bookstore HarperCollins set up through its website earlier this year, sells signed editions of select titles and will shut down as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

As Tribelli sees it, “everybody benefits from the increased consumer exposure” direct sales initiatives like the Pop-Up Store create.

Much more.

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Publishers Losing the Long Game for Short-Term Gains? (BookBusiness)
Surveying the digital publishing landscape, one industry insider concludes that “we’re in the midst of yet another shortsighted moment.” Publishers may not “like it that consumers expect to pay less for the digital edition…but they’re growing comfortable with the model” and missing their chance to plan for long-term digital growth.
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The Unsung Potential of Rights Departments (DBW)
Many top publishers operate rights departments tasked with licensing titles for publication in foreign markets. As the scramble to maintain and grow profit margins continues, and as publishers look for ways to maintain control over their content in the increasingly global digital market, rights departments may represent one area of under-utilized potential.
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Legality of Used Ebooks Still Undecided in Europe (Good E Reader)
A ruling originally scheduled to be handed down earlier this week is postponed until January 13th, when a European Union court will decide whether the resale of digital content constitutes a legitimate business model or piracy.

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