LeVar Burton Explains to Kids How Twitter Works on ‘Tweeting Rainbow’

When it comes to Twitter, you can take LeVar Burton’s word for it.

The Reading Rainbow creator and host made a stop at talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live to create a spoof sketch of his long-running show and now kids digital book start-up called “Tweeting Rainbow.”

The video (below) explains Twitter to children and parodies its vacuousness. It gets a little dark when Burton “favorites” (gives a large cardboard gold star) one of the kids’ proposed tweets: “I wish nap time could last forever.”

Burton has been popular in the news lately following Reading Rainbow’s extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised $6.4 million, making it the most successful such campaign of all time.

Earlier this summer, Burton created a video with humor site Funny or Die, re-imagining the Reading Rainbow theme song, which helped promote the Kickstarter campaign.

This isn’t the first time Burton has been popular in popular culture in reference to a Reading Rainbow reboot. In 2012, Burton made the rounds to promote RR Kidz, an earlier incarnation of Reading Rainbow’s digital second act.

In January, Burton hosted the Digital Book Awards gala dinner.

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