Kindle Unlimited a Mixed Blessing for Authors

shutterstock_217811062The digital publishing world is still divided on the merits and viability of the subscription model for ebooks, and Amazon authors are no exception.

Despite recently adding to the pot from which KDP Select authors are compensated, the amount they’re paid per read through the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s new subscription program, dropped to a record low of $1.33.

Some authors report seeing diminishing payouts as a result, but others say the rise in Kindle Unlimited subscribers is more than compensating for it.


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Publishing Options Change, But Editorial Process Doesn’t (PW)
Several best-selling authors and their editors argue that despite welcome changes in the ways authors get their content into readers’ hands, the collaborative process of working on material with an editor remains constant–and crucial–for them.
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YA/Children’s Titles Still Lead U.S. Sales (Pub Lunch)
Continuing a trend the Association of American Publishers has recorded this year in its monthly StatShot program, young adult and children’s titles continue to drive growth in the industry overall. Sales in August alone totalled $170 million, about 21% of which came from ebooks.
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HarperCollins, Kobo Take Bundling Down Under (The Digital Reader)
A pilot program offers Australian readers one of five print titles from Boomerang Books plus a free Kobo ebook, in the latest of HarperCollins’s recent experiments with print-digital bundling collaborations around the world.
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Vice Turns Sci-Fi Publisher (PW)
Vice Media announces a new site called “Terraform” dedicated to publishing short sci-fi and speculative fiction, some of which will experiment with multimedia storytelling.
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Ebooks Catching on in the Netherlands (The Digital Reader)
The Dutch e-reading market in the Netherlands is small, to be sure, but it’s highly competitive and reflects some of the changes taking place all across Europe, where ebooks remain rather slow to take off. Ebook sales in the Netherlands are now estimated at 7% of the market and growing steadily.

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Many of the latest digital watermarking solutions publishers are embracing risk coming across to some readers as overbearing and could turn them away.

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The South Africa-based ebook distributor sells a hardware product allowing users to access digital content in places where Internet connections are hard to come by, an innovation that recently earned Snapplify a FutureBook Award and praise from digital publishers and distributions eyeing emerging markets.

Rethinking Gender Equality in Publishing (HuffPost)
One industry watcher contests the popular notion that women fill the book business’s ranks in large numbers at every level. And as the technology sector builds closer partnerships with the publishing world, some of its gender issues threaten to impact publishing, too.


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