Kindle Unlimited a Bad Deal for Some Authors?

shutterstock_198470969When it comes to Kindle Unlimited, the new all-you-can-read ebook service from Amazon, some authors have it good and some don’t, according to one.

For some authors, whenever a book is read, it’s treated as if it’s purchased and the author is paid the agreed-upon ebook royalty. For others, when at least 10% of a book is read, they are entitled to a fluctuating portion of a fixed pool of money – and it could be the same as they make whenever they sell any book, a bit more, or, what’s seeming more likely, a bit less.

This creates two classes of authors: Ones who are compensated per purchase for an all-you-can-read fee and those who subsidize this model by potentially getting paid less than they normally would whenever a new reader engages with their work.

Much more.

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