Kindle Head Grandinetti Will Sit Down for Amazon Q&A at DBW

xgrandinetti-russ.jpg.pagespeed.ic.WtWoiKxS3XNow more than ever, Amazon is the center of attention in the publishing world – and considering how important Amazon has been to publishers and books over the past decade or more, that’s saying a lot.

If you ever wanted an inside look into what the company is thinking when it comes to books and the publishing industry, you may never have a better chance than January 2015.

Amazon’s head of Kindle Russ Grandinetti will participate in a first-of-its-kind open and candid conversation about key issues with Michael Cader of Publishers Lunch and DBW conference chair Mike Shatzkin. Grandinetti will provide Amazon’s perspective on growing the market, pricing and its own publishing program, and market innovations (including subscriptions, lending, bundling, fan fiction, and more).

This lengthy exchange promises to be one of the most fascinating conversations ever about Amazon and its evolving position as the most important company in the global book business.

Learn more.

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