Kids Ebook Reading Explodes in 2013

dbw-what-a-difference-childSome 67% of U.S. kids aged two-to-thirteen are reading ebooks, according to a new study from Digital Book World and PlayCollective. That’s up from 54% a year ago.

The results of the study were presented at Launch Kids at Digital Book World yesterday in New York, along with myriad other findings:

— 92% of kids who read ebooks read them every week
— Nearly half read them every day
— Parents are willing to pay more this year than last year for both ebooks and app.

Much more can be read in the report, which is now out. Get it here.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

DBW14: Teens Don’t Read (DBW)
Despite the rise in e-reading among younger kids, teens want to read less now than ever. According to new data from Nielsen, the proportion of teens who “don’t” read for fun has spiked this year.

DBW14: Future-Proofing EPUB3 Content (DBW)
Focusing on semantics and keeping it as simple as possible is the key.

DBW14: Four Ways Publishers Should Help Authors Market (DBW)
The acronym used to explain these four things was TTLC, or, as it was presented, “extra-tender loving care.”

DBW14: Mobile the Next Digital Publishing Frontier (DBW)
More content is consumed on mobile devices than ever before and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. But most publishers have an insufficient mobile strategy, one that is just an extension of their Web strategy.

DBW14: Five Tips for Ebook Typography (DBW)
The main message is just don’t make things ugly and hard to read. But, let’s be honest, it’s harder said than done; hence, these tips.

DBW14: Modern Family Means Kids Choose (DBW)
Shifting family dynamics means that more than ever kids are in charge of important family decisions, including what reading materials to buy.

DBW14: Licensed Brands Win for Kids (DBW)
When it comes to driving discovery and sales for kids ebooks and apps, big-name brands that kids already know rule.

DBW14: Educational Gaming (DBW)
Kids are spending a huge amount of time playing games, many of them digital these days. That productivity can be harnessed for learning. Parents and teachers are clamoring for educational games, too.

DBW14: Digital Engagement Is Key (DBW)
The publisher of the future isn’t merely looking to create products for purchase, but to engage readers on multiple levels.

Digital Brings Spanish Ebooks to U.S. (Pub Perspectives)
Because of digital distribution, publishers around the world can now easily bring Spanish-language ebooks to the America’s nearly 40 million Spanish speakers, quickly and easily.

Salem Acquires Book Publishers (Pub Lunch)
Christian radio broadcaster Salem Communications has acquired Eagle Publishing, which publishers conservative books.

Sourcebooks Has Banner 2013 (DBW)
Company revenue increased by nearly a quarter over the previous year.

Judge Blocks Apple (C|Net)
Apple wanted Judge Denise Cote to dismiss the outside counsel she hired to monitor the company until the Apple appeal of the case is finished. She has declined.

The Era of “Maybe” (DBW)
We’re living solidly in the era of “maybe.” Yet, it still pays to try at least to look into the future and see what we think will happen. One possibility (among many)? Micropayments as a content consumption model.

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