Is Amazon Publishing Playing in the Big Leagues Now?

shutterstock_134287673Amazon Publishing’s first five years didn’t bear out the competitive threat traditional publishers had feared. A series of public stumbles culminated in the departure of chief Larry Kirshbaum in October last year.

But now Amazon ebooks are finally starting to sell big compared to other publishers’ titles. This week’s best-seller list has Amazon titles in four of the top 25 positions, including the coveted No. 1.

It remains to be seen whether we’ll soon be back to talking about the “Big Six,” but these recent successes shows Amazon Publishing is less easily dismissed than it has been in the past.


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The rest of the day’s top news:

Email Promotion Newsletters Drive Ebook Sales (DBW)
Jeffrey Bruner, founder of the newsletter “The Fussy Librarian” explains how email marketing is helping authors promote their work without big budgets.

Readfy Lets Readers Trade Ebook Subscription Fees for Ads (Good E Reader)
The service is experimenting in Germany with a two-tiered model offering free and lower rates for unlimited ebooks in exchange for advertising.

Baker & Taylor Joins with LightSail to Sell Digital Content to Schools (DBW)
The partnership allows LightSail Education to deliver its K-12 digital literacy platform to the hundreds of thousands of schools already buying from the distributor.

Amazon Adds New Brands to Kindle Worlds (DBW)
New licensing deals add seven new Worlds allowing users to write and sell original fiction based on G.I. Joe, Veronica Mars, Ravenswood and others popular narratives.

HarperCollins Offers Complete Ebook Catalog to UK Libraries (DBW)
More than 5,000 ebooks are now available for lending to British readers through OverDrive. Each one may be borrowed 26 times before its license is renewed.

Adobe Softens Line on DRM Update (Datalogics)
Following outcries that the July 2014 upgrade would ruin unsupported ebooks and e-readers, Adobe will instead allow distributors, retailers and manufacturers to set their own deadlines for adoption.

E-Commerce Boom in China Imperils Bookstores (Xinhuanet)
Brick-and-mortar bookstores are struggling in China, where the ebook market is expanding rapidly, forcing many to rethink their business strategy.

Readmill Adds Features to Enhance Social Reading (Good E Reader)
The idea of social reading hasn’t quite taken off, but the app now lets readers engage directly with friends, potentially boosting discovery as much as discussion.

If People Are Reading Less, Format Doesn’t Matter (FocusTaiwan)
Pointing to an overall decline in reading, one expert said publishers must offer enhanced digital content, not just on-screen replicas of print titles.

Music Marketing Start-Up Adapts Platform for Books (Galleycat)
NoiseTrade now lets authors and publishers give ebooks and audio books away for free in exchange for customer data.

Seven Top Sites For Ebook Blog Tours (The Book Designer)
Authors have often had to get creative to promote their books. These days blog tours can get titles in front of targeted audiences inexpensively or even free.

MA Program Launches for Self-Publishing (Galleycat)
A British University is now offering a graduate program in self-publishing. Does that defy indie spirit or give it added institutional muscle?

Italy Includes Ebooks in Tax Rebate on Books (Telecompaper)
The provision makes digital titles eligible for the same 19% rebate applicable to print books, but only those sold in bookstores.

The Week That Was (Good E Reader)
A good lunchtime listen where Kobo’s CEO shuffle and other issues of the day are discussed.

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