IPR License Partners With Ingram to Offer Licensing Platform

IPR License is launching a pilot program with Ingram Content Group, the first in a series of planned actions from the company aimed at expanding and streamlining global rights transactions for customers.

Through the program, publishers can use Ingram’s CoreSource digital asset management system to feed their content directly into the IPR License global rights platform. The partnership is intended to substantially increase the volume of rights sales in an array of territories, languages and formats worldwide.

“This represents a significant step forward in cementing IPR License’s status as the industry-standard tool for anyone looking to license creative content,” said Tom Chalmers, managing director at IPR License, in a statement. IPR License is a platform for publishers, authors and literary agents to market and license literary rights, as well as a tool for clearing permissions on copyrighted material.

There are 13 million records held on the IPR License platform, which is currently undertaking an update of its transactional functionality. In 2014, IPR License will unveil a menu of new initiatives and partnerships geared toward the global rights marketplace.

IPR License’s partnership with Ingram, the world’s largest distributor of book content, comes three months after Ingram announced an expansion of its VitalSource E-Textbook store in the U.K. Ingram’s pilot program with IPR License is a continuation of the company’s efforts at developing its digital content distribution channels internationally.

“Selling rights is a natural extension of a publisher’s everyday business, and the connectivity between our CoreSource platform and IPR License will make it easier for publishers to manage their business from one place,” said Marcus Woodburn, vice president of digital products at Ingram Content Group, in a statement.


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