IPR License Expands in China

[Press Release]

IPR License bolsters Chinese market presence

IPR License has partnered with Beijing-based The Charlesworth Group to increase its member exposure in China.

The Charlesworth Group will act as an agent for IPR License to engage with Chinese publishers and help facilitate rights and licensing transactions through TradeRights – IPR’s fully transactional platform for whole book rights.

The companies will also share resources to increase their presence at the Beijing International Book Fair in August. Having being established in Beijing for nearly 15 years, The Charlesworth Group has developed strong relationships with a full range of stakeholders in the Chinese publishing community.

Tom Chalmers, Managing Director at IPR License, commented:

“China is obviously a massively important publishing arena and one in which the initial reaction to the IPR License platform has been hugely positive. This partnership with The Charlesworth Group makes perfect sense as it has a long history working with a variety of Chinese publishers and knows the market inside out. We believe these contacts and understanding will provide an integral link for our members to license their works, as well as generating a raft of further interest from Chinese publishers looking to benefit from IPR’s global rights and licensing platform for whole book rights.”

Helen Charlesworth, Chief Operating Officer of The Charlesworth Group, said:

“The Charlesworth Group has been operating in China for 15 years. During this time we have been able to develop in-depth relationships with Chinese publishing, and this positions us well to assist IPR Licensing to progress in this rapidly evolving market. With a wider appreciation of the importance of copyright and licensing within China comes the desire to trade globally with international publishers. Charlesworth China is uniquely positioned understanding needs of both western and Chinese publishers and authors, enabling us to facilitate the development towards wider international trade in the publishing market in China.”


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