IPR License: Audio and Print Licensing Increasing

[Press Release]

IPR License sees Q2 rise in Audio and Large Print licensing

IPR License, the global digital platform for the licensing of book rights, has seen licensing demand for international audio and large print deals rise by 32% in Q2 2014.

With demand expected to increase further in Q3, IPR License is in talks with a number of domestic and international audio book publishers and distributors to open up additional channels for members to transact even more business. It has also been noted that licensing agreements for large print books are on the up with deals being completed on a regular basis on an international scale.

Tom Chalmers, Managing Director at IPR License, commented:

“It’s evident from the implementation of TradeRights that transactional subsidiary rights and licensing business has risen across the board in Q2. However, while translation and reprints are usually the first thought in subsidiary rights, we have especially noted a quite dramatic uplift in audio and large print rights deals.

“A number of our publisher members have recognised these as areas in which they have been missing out on key revenue, and we are delighted to be helping to correct that.

“The audio book industry is said to have been worth $2.4 bn last year with a 6% annual growth rate in the UK which illustrates just what an active market this is. There appears no sign of business levels falling anytime soon and even entering the summer months, we are gearing ourselves up for even busier times ahead.”



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