Interpreting Amazon’s Stance in Hachette Feud

Amazon questionMaking sense of Amazon’s point-of-view in its ongoing standoff with Hachette is no small challenge. The retailer has been characteristically tight-lipped about its goals and strategy in its protracted contract negotiations with the publisher.

That’s one reason why recent remarks by Kindle head Russ Grandinetti garnered such different interpretations by industry analysts. One sees his comments as reflecting business as usual, and another as a departure from Amazon’s long-held customer-centric philosophy.

In the meantime, the question of what the dispute’s outcome will mean for the future of publishing remains wide open.


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Enthusiasm Flagging for Amazon Fire Phone? (Business Insider Malaysia)
Shortly after its unveiling, the new device shot toward the top of Amazon’s list of best-selling electronics. The Fire Phone is still available for pre-order until its July 25 release, but it’s now dropped to #68 on that list.

Authors’ Appeal to Readers on Amazon Gains Steam (Pub Lunch)
In an open letter, Hachette author Douglas Preston petitions his readers to let Amazon know they object to how its negotiating tactics harm customers. Over a hundred authors and counting have signed on.

European Publishers Unite Against Amazon (The Bookseller)
…Meanwhile, on the Continent, a European trade organization representing publishers lends its backing to the German Publishers Association’s pursuit of a competition complaint with German authorities.

Barnes & Noble CEO Sells Shares (InterCooler)
Mitchell S. Klipper sells 88,000 shares of his stock in the company, for a total of just over $2 million.

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BlueFire E-Reading App Adds Dropbox (The Digital Reader)
An upgrade to the iOS e-reading app includes support for Dropbox, allowing readers to download ebooks they store there directly to the app. One caveat: BlueFire also supports Adobe’s latest DRM system.

Op-Ed: Book Lovers Should Root for Amazon (Gigaom)
Another argument in favor of Amazon in its dispute with Hachette, on the familiar grounds that what’s good for customers is good for books.

3M Launches Smart Library Terminal (Good E Reader)
The new technology integrates catalog and self-checkout systems and includes a range of customizable features.

First Look at New Onyx Boox E-Reader (Good E Reader)
The new Onyx Boox Lynx boasts a high-resolution front-lit display and an open version of the Android operating system.


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