How Hachette Can Beat Amazon

Hachette logoBoth Hachette and Amazon seem to be dug in when it comes to agreeing on how to do business with each other; based on recent communications from both companies, they seem to be anticipating a long negotiation.

The longer the negotiation goes, the more it will seem to favor Amazon, a company that doesn’t depend on any one publisher nearly as much as any publisher depends on it, and one that seems willing to lose money in the short term to accomplish its long term goals.

So, how can Hachette hope to win? Why doesn’t it just settle now?

Here’s one strategy that’s, as they say, so crazy it just might work.

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Small Publisher Goes to Bat for Bezos (Forbes)
A veteran of independent book publishing lodged a defense of Amazon’s negotiating tactics with Hachette, arguing that both companies are “free to set their own terms based on their bottom lines.”

American Booksellers Association Head Attacks Amazon in Talk (Pub Lunch)
Speaking at Book Expo America, Oren Teicher, head of the American Booksellers Association, said “the book industry is being held hostage by a company far more interested in selling flat screen TV’s, diapers, and groceries.”

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Ebook data and analytics start-up Next Big Book has won the first-ever BookExpo Startup Challenge and $10,000 from Ingram Content Group, besting 17 other start-ups for the honor. Qlovi, an educational content platform, won second place and $3,000 from Naperville, Ill-based published Sourcebooks. More.

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One industry watcher looks at four start-ups on show at BEA this year and recalls similar business propositions that failed to gain steam four years ago.

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Publishers have historically been merchants of intellectual property. So why would they ever make some they own free? Well, when it comes to workflow and production, there are some good reasons.

Apple Get Its Day in Court, But No Stay (Pub Lunch)
The three judges who heard Apple’s arguments in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday reportedly lent a sympathetic ear to both sides, but ultimately denied the tech company’s request for a stay of damages.

Scribd Adds Perseus Titles (DBW)
The ebook subscription service just added another big publisher to its catalog. It also has added some front-list titles to its offering.

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Libraries are adapting to the age of digital media and forging new roles in their communities to stay relevant, according to a new report.

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The demands of ebook production are turning some publishers into software companies.

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When Japan’s ebook retailers adopted EPUB3, digital title sales skyrocketed. Why? Because much of Japan’s book industry is comics and EPUB3 helped publishers create the digital versions of the content readers actually wanted. The same could be true in other countries.

BookBaby Expands to Publisher Services (Book Business)
The self-publishing services platform is expanding its offering to cater to established publishers as well as authors.


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