Hope for the Future of Books

shutterstock_64626691Television was going to rot our brains. Then it was video games. Today, it’s casual apps and games like Candy Crush and seemingly mindless social networks like Snapchat that are the threat to the literacy of today’s youth.

But there were books back in the age of television and there are books today – and books continue to draw in young readers.

According to the latest report from Pew, younger Americans actually read books at a greater clip than older ones by some measures. And library use, contrary to popular wisdom, is not decreasing faster among youth.


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HarperCollins Enters China Ebook Market (DBW)
HarperCollins will now sell English-language ebooks in China through a partnership with JD.com.

Barnes & Noble Bemoans Ebook Prices (Pub Lunch)
In its filing to the SEC this week, Barnes & Noble complained that lower ebook prices are also contributing to lower revenue at Nook.
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New CEO at Andrews McMeel Universal (DBW)
The company has tapped longtime magazine industry veteran Andy Sareyan to lead the company, which includes the Andrews McMeel publishing division.

Email, Spam Laws and Publishing (DBW)
A strong look at how new Canadian email legislation targeting spam, or unwanted promotional emails, will affect the publishing industry there. Spoiler alert: It’s not looking good.

Digital Reading and Learning (KQED.org)
Teachers working on getting kids to be as engaged with digital texts as they are with print ones are having success.

Amazon Sends Out Settlement Notification on Apple’s Big Day (Pub Lunch)
Just a coincidence or meant to sully Apple’s big day? On the same day Apple announced a host of new products, Amazon sent out a notification to Kindle customers that they have until October 31 to request a check be cut for their portion of the ebook price-fixing-settlement money.

Fours Good for Agency Founding (Pub Lunch)
Several literary agencies are celebrating important milestone years in 2014. Congratulations!

In Case You Missed It: Amazon Snags Another Publishing Exec (Comicsbeat.com)
Ron Perazza, formerly of Marvel and before that DC and other comic heavyweights, has joined Amazon Publishing as creative director.


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