Has Apple Surpassed Barnes & Noble?

apple logo ipad-ipad2 wallpapers_3By most estimates, prior to last year, Barnes & Noble was solidly the No. 2 ebook retailer in the U.S. behind Amazon.

But over the past year, Barnes & Noble’s digital content and device sales have declined precipitously. If Apple ebook sales increased enough over the same period of time, it’s possible Apple could surpass B&N.

Digital Book World editorial director Jeremy Greenfield did some digging to find out. The answer? It depends.

Much more.


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One thought on “Has Apple Surpassed Barnes & Noble?

  1. Richard Morgan

    One way for Barnes and Noble to fight back would be to breath new life into old content. There are many opportunities for technology to achieve this. A company I’ve seen recently is the WHY Code (http://whycode.com/), which is boldly aiming to create a semantic map of all formally published content on the internet. Their technology automatically indexes and presents information to answer the fundamental learning questions, making it far quicker to extract valuable information from a publication. While not being applicable to all kinds of books, this could prove a very interesting development in the area of non-fiction.



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