Hachette Launches Dedicated Bookshop on Booksamillion.com

As Hachette’s contract  negotiations drag on with Amazon, meaning slower deliveries and lower sales of Hachette titles at the nation’s largest bookseller, the publisher is fighting back.

Hachette has inked a deal with bricks-and-mortar chain Books-A-Million to launch a dedicated Hachette books shop on the retailer’s website, Booksamillion.com.

The site will sell new releases and allow pre-orders. Books-A-Million is already discounting Hachette titles by 30% and 40%, in some cases.

Amazon and Hachette have been in a contract negotiation that has fixated the attention of the book publishing industry. During the negotiation, Amazon has taken steps to put pressure on Hachette by limiting its stock of Hachette titles, altering its discounting policies, and halting pre-orders on new Hachette books.

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[Press Release]

Hachette Group Book Shop Launches on Booksamillion.com

Books-A-Million, Inc. (NASDAQ: BAMM) today announced that they now have a shop on their website dedicated to Hachette titles, which can be found at www.booksamillion.com/hbg. This new feature spotlights well-known Hachette authors such as James Patterson, Scott Turow, David Sedaris, and T.D. Jakes among others.

“Consistently having the most sought-after titles in stock has always been of the utmost importance to our company.”

While the shop will change regularly, it includes:

New Releases and Bestselling Titles featuring authors Jeffery Deaver, T.D. Jakes, Donna Tart, David Baldacci, Carl Hiaasen, Sandra Brown, and Ted Dekker.
Preorder Titles from Hachette Book Group featuring authors Robert Galbraith, Scott Turow, Cassandra Clare, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, and Rick Riordan.
In the News featuring authors Malala Yousafzai, William Paul Young, Joel Osteen, Malcolm Gladwell, Joel Fuhrman, Chelsea Handler, Robin Roberts, and Stephen Colbert.
The Best of Kids & Teen featuring authors Kami Garcia, James Patterson, Catherine Hapka, Lemony Snicket, Chris Colfer, Julie Andrews, and Cressida Cowell.
The shop is easy to navigate and also includes links where viewers can share their favorites via social media in support of Hachette.

This announcement comes in addition to Books-A-Million’s commitment to offer their customers a discount of up to 30% off a wide selection of Hachette Book Group pre-order titles, and 40% off select current Hachette titles. The discount is Books-A-Million’s way of thanking customers for their continued support of Hachette and their many authors.

“Readers should be able to receive the books they want in a timely manner, without hassle and at a great price,” said Jeff Skipper, Books-A-Million’s Vice President of Marketing. “Consistently having the most sought-after titles in stock has always been of the utmost importance to our company.”

Customers can visit www.booksamillion.com/bestsellers for a complete title listing of discounted pre-order titles, and can also save up to 40% off on Hachette’s hot new releases at www.booksamillion.com/bestbooks.

The entire Hachette Book Group Shop can be visited at www.booksamillion.com/hbg.

About Books-A-Million, Inc.

Books-A-Million, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading book retailers and sells on the Internet at www.booksamillion.com. The Company presently operates 258 stores in 33 states and the District of Columbia. The Company operates large superstores under the names Books-A-Million (BAM!), Books & Co. and 2nd & Charles and traditional bookstores operating under the names Bookland and Books-A-Million. Also included in the Company’s retail operations is the operation of Yogurt Mountain Holding, LLC, a retailer and franchisor of self-serve frozen yogurt stores with 41 locations. The Company also develops and manages commercial real estate investments through its subsidiary, Preferred Growth Properties. The common stock of Books-A-Million, Inc. is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol BAMM. For more information, visit the Company’s corporate website at www.booksamillioninc.com.

4 thoughts on “Hachette Launches Dedicated Bookshop on Booksamillion.com

  1. Jason Frost

    This is good… just as long as Hachette works with the indie bookstores as well. If BAM is just an Amazon replacement then they have learned nothing. Independent bookstores have always sided with… well… anyone in the fight against Amazon. I hope Hachette realizes this and works with ANY brick and mortar store to fight against the gestapo tactics of Amazon.

  2. Karin Ohayon

    Amazon’s Battle With Hachette is very interesting issue and I love following it.
    No doubt Amazon uses very dirty strategies.
    I really hope thay Hachette will check on all their possibilities.
    Hachette has to respond to Amazon’s acts and they should pick right or left – are they with Amazon or against them.
    There are many additional options they can use to sell their books (ibooks, independent bookshops etc).
    Amazon needs to understand that this is not North Korea and “Negotiating” is not a bad word.
    Can’t wait to hear all about it…

  3. Synova

    I’m curious… why the discounting? What is the business purpose of pricing things artificially high and then discounting new products? Does Hachette get full price on discounted books? Do the authors get full price on discounted books?

  4. Pamela K. Kinney

    Book A Million is no bargain choice. As an author, if your book is not in their warehouse and not in the store (sold out) then the publisher still has to submit some forms to the bookseller to get them into the warehouse, even if the warehouse had the books before. This is even with a traditional publisher, not just small press. I thought after last year, this was cleared up and went into another BAM to get a book singing and ran into this. So I no longer care about getting a signing with them and wouldn’t buy a book from them. Sorry, but this and a coupe other things makes me wonder about Books A Million.



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