Hachette Author Reports Amazon Dispute Hurting Sales

Hachette logoIs Amazon’s actions in its dispute with Hachette affecting sales of print books and ebooks?

For at least one Hachette author, the answer seems to be a definitive “yes.”

Best-selling author Michael Sullivan has seen his print sales decline by nearly 50% since the start of the year and while he won’t see his ebook unit sales until his next royalty statement, he has watched as the sales ranks (a very good proxy for sales) for his books have increased precipitously in the past few months (meaning he’s selling fewer units).

What does this hybrid author think about it all? Find out here.

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Other Publishers Facing Amazon Negotiating Tactics (Pub Lunch)
In Germany, Bonnier is reporting that Amazon is seeking a bigger cut of its book sales. The conflict there may bely a desire on the part of Amazon for more margin for itself and not necessarily to pass on savings to readers.
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Scribd Increases Size of Catalog, Says It’s Creating More Revenue Than Oyster (DBW)
Scribd CEO Trip Adler sat down with Digital Book World late last week to give an update on the company’s service. He said that for many publishers Scribd is the fourth-largest retail partner and that it’s ahead of Oyster. Look for big announcements from the company this week.

Future of Ebooks Streaming? (The Digital Reader)
A fifth of revenue in the U.S. music industry comes from streaming these days, with services like Spotify leading the way. Could the same thing happen in book publishing?

Russian E-Commerce Leader Ozon Invests in Ebooks (Venture Beat)
Ozon has acquired a stake in LitRes, a local leader in the ebook retail market in Russia. The market was $15 million last year but is projected to hit $100 million in three years. Ozon closed a $150 million fund raise at the end of April.
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Ebooks in Africa: Debate Rages (Nigerian Tribune)
Ebooks are becoming more important in Africa and the continent’s leading book industry lights debate what will happen, if anything, to the print publishing industry there. Message to DBW readers: Consider Africa, especially relatively wealthy countries like Nigeria with large English-speaking populations.

Samsung Gives up on Ebooks in the U.S. (The Digital Reader)
Just a year after it showed up at Book Expo America to talk with publishers and get its U.S. ebook business going, Korean electronics giant Samsung is bowing out.

Small Publishers Thrive in the Digital Age (Seattle Times)
Of course, it depends on your definition of “small publishers.”

An Important Document on Innovation (Pub Lunch)
The recently leaked New York Times internal report on digital innovation is important for any organization going through transition to digital.


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