Getting the Facts Right on Publishers and Ebooks

shutterstock_186952070When it comes to the Amazon-Hachette contract dispute, everyone has an opinion – and everyone is entitled to one.

But that doesn’t mean it’s worth listening to. Take Clay Shirky’s recent post on medium, “Amazon, Publishers, and Readers.” In the post he both slams Amazon for its negotiating tactics in its dispute with Hachette and then builds a case against large publishing companies in general for a host of grievances.

At the same time, he misunderstands and mischaracterizes basic facts about ebook publishing and marketing. the history of the industry, and several other key points on which he makes his arguments, according to industry consultant and Digital Book World 2015 conference chairman Mike Shatzkin in a recent post responding to Shirky.

Meanwhile, another author, taking on the topic, also misunderstands many of the facts of the case and wisely decides to reserve judgment.


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