Free Webcast: Royalties and Rights in the New Author-Publisher Dynamic–Solutions to the Latest Challenges

Join Digital Book World on Tuesday, September 9 at 12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT / 5:00pm GMT for a free webcast exploring how new approaches to royalties and rights management can mutually improve the business partnerships between authors and publishers in the digital ecosystem.

Royalties have long played a central part in authors’ decision-making during the rise of self-publishing. Now, with the Amazon-Hachette dispute showing how traditional revenue streams can be affected by changes in the digital distribution landscape, publishers and authors are alike reconsidering their business interests and their means of securing them.

Join Rodney Elder, VP of Operations at Virtusales; Edwin Fager, President of Kensai International; and Jacob Stevens, CEO of Versobooks, for an in-depth look at how author-publisher partnerships are being transformed by the latest developments in digital publishing, with a focus on royalty payments and rights sales. Showing how royalty rates aren’t the only tool with which publishers attract and retain authors, the panelists will explore new approaches to royalty payments, management and transparency as well as the cutting-edge systems behind them. They’ll also propose new methods for maximizing authors’ income with forward-looking tools and practices for rights sales and permissions.

Who Should Attend:

  • Publishers
  • Authors
  • Editors
  • Rights and licensing managers
  • Digital operations and systems professionals and service providers

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How publishers can expand, deliver and market their offering to authors
  • New tools and systems for optimizing royalties and rights sales in the digital age
  • Strategies and best practices for improving royalty management
  • Considerations for authors weighing publishers’ offers for long- and short-term business benefits

Rodney Elder, VP, Operations, Virtusales Publishing Softwarre
Edwin Fager, President, Kensai International
Jacob Stevens, CEO, Versobooks

Moderator: Jeremy Greenfield, Editorial Director, Digital Book World

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