Free Webcast: DBW Debates—Ebook Subscription Services

On Wednesday, June 11 Digital Book World is hosting a free live debate on the merits of ebook subscription services for publishers, authors and readers.

Join us at 12:00pm EST / 9:00am PT / 5:00pm GMT while two teams of experts face off in an effort to sway the most minds.

The rise of ebook subscription services has been among the most hotly discussed developments in the book world today. Some think they’re bad for publishing and will ultimately fail; others see them as the future of ebook retail. That sounds like a debate, so Digital Book World is going to have it.

Modeled after the Intelligence Squared U.S. NPR series, Digital Book World is hosting an Oxford-style debate in which four experts in the field will weigh the proposition, “The success of ebook subscription services will be good for publishers, authors and readers.”

Arguing in favor are:

  • Mark Coker, CEO and founder of self-publishing platform and distributor Smashwords
  • Andrew Weinstein, vice president of content acquisition at ebook subscription service Scribd

Arguing against it are:

  • Gareth Cuddy, CEO of ebook distributor ePubDirect
  • Jonathan Blum, a journalist who has written compellingly on the subject for The Street

Moderating the debate will be Digital Book World editorial director Jeremy Greenfield.

The debate will be broadcast live on the Web via webcast and will be free to attend. Those interested can register here.

Debaters will be able to make their arguments in three rounds:

1. Opening statements: Each debater will be given a set amount of time to make an initial argument
2. Open debate: Debaters will be challenged on their positions with questions from the moderator and the audience
3. Closing statements: Each debater will be given a set amount of time to make a final argument

Those who attend the debate via live webcast will have an opportunity to vote on whether they are for the statement, against the statement or undecided. They will vote again at the end of the debate. The team that argued best and changed the most minds will be declared the winner.

Register here!


ePub Direct is the official sponsor of this webcast.


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