Framing Digital Publishing’s Future

Digital Book World 2014 concluded nearly five months ago, but one moment in particular remains as compelling now as it did then. It was the reminder offered by Brad Stone, author of The Everything Store, to the nearly 1,500 publishers in the audience that Amazon views them as “sickly” gazelles and itself as the cheetah preying on them.

It was such an arresting image that a few weeks after the conference wrapped up, we asked New York-based engineer Dan Turk to help us visualize it (his work is below). We collected his illustrations, along with plenty of photos, charts and graphs from Digital Book World 2014 in a comprehensive guide to all the major news, insights and analysis to come out of the event.

Inside Digital Book World 2014: News & Highlights is more than just a snapshot of digital publishing’s recent past, though. It’s an invaluable guide to key issues and conversations impacting the industry as it charts a course into 2015 and beyond–and therefore an ideal resource for anyone now working toward shaping publishing’s future.

Download Inside Digital Book World 2014: News & Highlights.

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cheetah sitting color

A sitting cheetah with an Amazonian smile. Credit: Dan Turk.

gazelle publisher

This “sickly” gazelle as publisher: It’s wearing glasses, one of its horns is broken and flies are circling. Credit: Dan Turk. 

cheetah running color

This Amazonion cheetah wears its allegiance in its spots. Credit: Dan Turk.


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