Forget the Book Launch

shutterstock_88220392Traditional book marketing puts considerable effort and money into pulling off a powerful book launch. But in the world of online bookselling, launches matter less.

Before ebooks, titles competed for shelf space in bricks-and-mortar bookstores in order to generate sales, making a strong debut a critical strategic step.

And while authors and publishers still rightly want their titles to enter the market with a splash–it’s one reason why Amazon’s removal of pre-order buttons from Hachette titles caused such a flap–ebooks that start off selling slow aren’t doomed to stay that way.

Instead, playing the long-game is becoming an increasingly effective approach to ebook marketing.


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More Publishing Service Curation (Pub Perspectives)
Just as Blurb rolls outs its “Dream Team” of recommended publishing service providers, a start-up called Reedsy gears up for a full launch. The platform, currently in beta, also aims to connect self-published authors with a curated lineup of vetted freelancers.

Taking Stock of Recent Past, Self-Publishing Looks Ahead (PW)
One observer reviews the past five years in self-publishing and predicts further gains for indie authors.
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Apple Still Dominating Tablets (Teleread)
Recent figures show the iPad still ahead in the tablet market in North America when it comes to web traffic generated by device. That maps only imperfectly at best onto projected global tablet sales, but Apple is on track to keep significantly ahead of Samsung and Amazon by year’s end in that measure as well.

Google Gets Competition in K-12 Classrooms (Gigaom)
Microsoft is setting its sights on the Chromebook, which at least by Google’s own account is the top device in the K-12 hardware market.

Next Generation Children’s Publishing (DBW)
The fourth annual Launch Kids conference kicks off Digital Book World 2015 with a deep dive into the hottest segments of children’s publishing, from new education technology to the evolving children’s digital subscription market and much more.

Ten Current Truths for Digital Publishing (The Bookseller)
According to The Bookseller’s Digital Census, “booksellers will survive,” “territorial rights will collapse” and “the industry is not as prepared as it should be” for the digital shift. Some of these findings aren’t especially surprising, but taken together, they’re a good snapshot of publishers’ expectations heading into 2015. (If you want much more than just a snapshot, though, come to the Digital Book World Conference + Expo in January.)

Publishers Enter Black Friday Home Stretch (WSJ)
As major publishers rely more heavily on hit titles, the stakes are rising for the holiday shopping season. But one observer suggests the bookselling landscape this year isn’t making it any easier to strike gold.

Library Ebooks Expand in India (DNA India)
The Gujarat Director of Libraries announces plans to digitize 70,000 print titles, making them available as to patrons as ebooks within the next three months, in response to rising demand.

Canadian Publishers Gear up for Retail Changes (PW)
With news last week that HarperCollins Canada is exiting the country’s distribution market, publishers and booksellers are rethinking aspects of their print business. How that may in turn change the calculus for ebooks in Canada remains to be seen.


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