Five Digital Publishing Questions for Eric Huang

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The Digital Book World Conference + Expo, kicking off on January 13, 2015 is packed with an incredible amount of information and ideas about the digital publishing landscape at a time of remarkable transformations. To help attendees make the most out of those three days, Digital Book World is sitting down with conference speakers to help lay the groundwork for conversations that will take place at the conference and continue for many weeks and months afterward.

This is the third installment in our “Digital Publishing Questions” blog series, featuring Eric Huang, Development Director at Made in Me.

What do you think has been the most newsworthy event for authors in the past year around publishing and digital change?

The many mergers and acquisitions, as well as the appearances of publishing start-ups and independents in both the physical and digital spaces is what excited me about the industry this year. I feel that the chaos of the past two years is settling–a little bit–with digital publishing companies becoming mainstream players and entertainment companies like DreamWorks with AwesomenessTV launching and/or growing their physical book imprints.

What are you anticipating as the big change we will see in 2015?

I think the momentum of start-ups and independents will continue to find a balance in 2015. I’m certain there will be more mergers and acquisitions, more companies closing down–and new ones popping up!

What is the most important thing publishers need to accomplish in 2015?

For digital publishers like Made in Me, it’s about expanding the market for app-based reading, especially for four-color books like comics, picture books and illustrated chapter books. We are focusing on finding like-minded partners to grow this space and give families and kids a mainstream alternative to games in the various app stores.

Will Amazon’s ebook market share grow in 2015 or will this be the year that Apple, Kobo, Google and Nook (or someone else) push them back?

I think Amazon will grow.

Are there any companies (start-up or otherwise) now flying below the radar that you think may break out in 2015?

I’d like to think my company, Made in Me, will do that! Also Lost My Name, Flying Eye Books and Sourcebooks, all of which are about physical books that are innovative and made or marketed with a DIY spirit.

Eric Huang is the Development Director at Made in Me. He’ll be speaking at the Publishers Launch Kids Conference at Digital Book World 2015 on a panel called “Starting with Digital: The Art and Business of Digital Storytelling,” about developing interactive narrative children’s content for the rapidly evolving digital market. Made in Me is a leading London-based digital agency specializing in children’s entertainment and brand development.

For more from Eric, check out the recent webcast he participated in on strategies for authors and publishers to develop successful children’s apps.



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