Fire-Sale for New Amazon Phone

shutterstock_64652932Amazon has dropped the price of its new Fire Phone to $0.99 with a two-year cell service contract with AT&T (the deal also comes with a year of Amazon prime, which retails for $99).

The new price is nearly $200 less than what the company was charging beforehand. The phone was announced in late June and released in late July. Early reports on sales have speculated lukewarm numbers.

For publishers, the cheap price tag should signal another opportunity for Amazon to get ebook-reading devices into the hands of more customers. Unfortunately, these may not be new customers but those who already are Amazon loyalists.

More on the sale.

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Something Deeper in the Fire Phone Discount? (Forbes)
The timing of Amazon’s deep Fire phone discount announcement makes one wonder if had anything to do with today’s Apple new product unveiling.

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Rakuten Shareholders Don’t Like Step Toward U.S. (Bloomberg)
Investors sent shares of Rakuten down in trading yesterday on news that the company is eyeing an expensive acquisition aimed at giving it more of a foothold in the U.S. market. Rakuten owns ebook and e-reader company Kobo, which just released a new high-end, waterproof e-reader.

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Nook Press Glitch Fixed (PW)
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Bend Your Ebooks (The Digital Reader)
A new display made of a material called “graphene” is incredibly strong, light and flexible. It’s still in the lab but has the potential to revolutionize the way we read – and do a lot of other things, too.


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