Findaway World White Labels Ebook Distribution Platform, ‘Lock’

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Findaway World Debuts Lock™
Pioneer in preloaded digital audiobook and eBook technology unveils new eReader solution for a fully customizable and secure library of content

Findaway World (, a leading digital content delivery provider of audiobook and eBook content, today announced the debut of Lock™. Lock is an eReader solution, enabling third parties to deliver a custom-curated library of digital content through preloaded and secure eReader devices. The U.S. Navy is the first Lock customer, launching its NeRD eReader earlier this month.

“Many institutions have very specific content needs and experience various challenges in delivering digital content to their users,” said Ralph Lazaro, VP, Digital Products Group at Findaway World. “There may be physical space limitations, security and connectivity restrictions, and content sourcing hurdles that call for a highly customized solution. Lock offers unprecedented customization so that any organization, from schools, public libraries, Fortune 500 companies and military or government entities, can deliver tailored content on a device that fits their specific needs.”

Findaway’s first-ever product was Playaway™, the all-in-one, preloaded digital audiobook player that created simple and immediate access to digital audio content. Since launching, Findaway has delivered more than 4 million Playaways all over the world. Playaway transformed the way that audio is consumed in schools, and libraries, as well as government and military branches, delivering an unplugged and uninterrupted content experience. With preloaded digital solutions like Playaway and Lock, content is available anytime, anywhere, without subscriptions or an Internet connection.

Lock addresses the key challenges that third parties encounter in audience-specific digital content delivery, including space, security, connectivity and title curation. In developing NeRD, a custom-designed version of Lock for the U.S. Navy, a preloaded, manipulation-free device was critical for security purposes. This meant no Wi-Fi, camera or active USB ports. The Navy also sought to curate a diverse catalog that encouraged both leisure and professional growth for its sailors. Through Lock, Findaway custom tailored a content library and secure eReader device to meet the Navy’s needs.

Beyond military branches, Lock is the ideal eReader solution for a number of settings. Businesses can use Lock to curate and safely house proprietary information and documents. Lock can also be used by schools and public libraries interested in offering a mobile, manipulation-free, digital content hub. Lock’s preloaded nature and “black box” design eliminates potential misuse and ensures that only approved digital content will be accessible. Lock’s portability also allows easy sharing and distribution, making it the ideal choice for multi-user lending environments, whether in education, government or enterprise.

In addition to loading custom-developed or existing proprietary content onto devices, Lock customers can choose from thousands of eBook and audiobook titles spanning best-sellers to classics to professional development and Common Core. Findaway has deep relationships with the biggest publishers in the world to secure requested titles, including Simon & Schuster, Hachette, Penguin Random House, and Harper Collins.

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About Findaway World

Findaway World is a leading provider of technology for the delivery of digital audiobook and eBook content, with one of the world’s largest collection of digital audiobooks at over 50,000 titles.

Playaway, Findaway World’s flagship pre-loaded audiobook device, makes it simple to deliver content to library patrons, students and military personnel. Findaway World’s Digital Products, including AudioEngine, an innovative new audiobook distribution platform, enable partners to deliver digital audiobook content across web and mobile products and services.

Founded and based in Solon, Ohio, Findaway World was named one of top-50 fastest growing consumer product companies in the country by Inc. Magazine from 2009 – 2012. To learn more about Findaway World’s products and the Findawayers who make it all happen, visit


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