Fewer Books, Not More, Future of Reading?

shutterstock_159503864Platforms like Amazon, Apple, Oyster and Scribd that work to build the largest and most complete ebook collections for their customers may have it all wrong.

It could be the future of reading isn’t big selection but, rather, curation. At least that’s what Jennifer 8. Lee, the DailyLit publishers and former New York Times reporter, is betting.

Her new reading app, Rooster, sends users bite-sized bits of literature to their phones at pre-determined intervals. While it’s unlikely that this mode of consuming books will become as prevalent as pay-per-download ebook reading with practically infinite selection, it’s an interesting experiment at a time when the way we read is up for grabs.

Digital Book World readers can download the app now and try it for free through an exclusive deal with Rooster. The app launches to the public tomorrow.


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