Facing Higher Education Challenges: Publishers Rethink Student Experience Lifecycle

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The higher education world is going through an uncertain period. Rising costs, digital disruption and fluctuations in government policy have made it tough for institutions and publishers to chart a way forward. Amidst falling enrollments and course completion rates among students, many education publishers are charting a new route by launching education initiatives themselves.

Many universities have long maintained their own academic presses like Oxford University Press and Imperial College Press, to name just two. But more recently, publishers unaffiliated with universities are testing the waters with new ways of reaching students directly through massive open online courses, or MOOCs. Elsevier, for instance, has partnered with John Wiley to launch its own MOOC.

This makes sound business sense: not only do such educational initiatives give publishers direct access to students, they also create a captive audience to which to distribute their content. Further, publishers gain access to the ecosystem of faculty, alumni, school administrators and sales teams for the development of content.

To learn more, see HCL’s white paper, 360-Degree Student Relationship Management for Higher Education. The report covers approaches to capture the student experience across the student lifecycle, which can serve as useful information for publishers in creating engaging content and helping students to enrolled. Click here to download your copy free.


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