Experts Answer Key Questions on Social Media Marketing

No serious marketing professional in the digital publishing world today can afford to ignore the resources social media offers to connect with readers. But as social platforms multiply and develop, it can be increasingly difficult to cut through the cacophony with an effective message that reaches the right audience.

Confronting that challenge was one of the reasons Digital Book World hosted a webcast earlier this year on social media marketing tactics for authors and publishers. The event, led by Kristin Fassler, director of marketing at Random House, Murray Izenwasser, senior interactive strategist at Biztegra, and Peter McCarthy, recently the co-founder of Logical Marketing (a new agency whose goals and underlying philosophy he recently spoke about here), was met with such a flood of questions from attendees at its conclusion that we decided to address some of them in a new booklet, Book Marketing & Social Media FAQ, now available for download.

In it, Peter McCarthy and Kristin Fassler offer helpful tips and tools and provide thoughtful perspectives on some of the biggest challenges in using social media for book marketing, platform-building and audience development. This booklet is a concise handbook for anyone looking to improve their chops or see what others are doing to bring content to readers and keep them engaged.

Click here to download Book Marketing & Social Media FAQ.

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  1. Justin Belmont

    As content marketers, it’s always really helpful for Prose Media to get tips from experts. It’s really easy to consider things like social media marketing from your own perspective, because that’s what you know, but it’s important to look at it from different angles!



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