Erotica Authors Lead Hotter Sex Lives Than Most Americans, Says Survey

For writers of romance and erotica, truth is at least as steamy as fiction, according to a new survey by the ebook recommendation site The Fussy Librarian.

The 103 authors surveyed last month are overwhelmingly women, heterosexual, married and publish under a pen name. They’re no more likely to have had sex for the first time any earlier than the average American, and the survey found they’re 10% less likely to cheat on a spouse. But they do report a greater variety and incidence of intimate encounters.

Chalk it up to professional development.

Nearly half claim to have had sex as research for their work, and three out of four have based a fictional sex scene on an actual experience.

According to the survey, erotic romance authors are more likely to have sex on a first date as well as to join a threesome. And among the heterosexual authors who dished on their sex lives, one in five has had sex with someone of the same gender.

That range of sexual experience could have contributed to lowering their overall esteem for Fifty Shades of Grey. On average, the authors surveyed gave the novel only two out of five stars.

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Survey Uncovers the Sex Secrets of Erotic Romance Authors

The Fussy Librarian discovers erotic writers really do have steamier sex lives.

According to a new survey by The Fussy Librarian, a site that recommends ebooks in 40 genres to readers, the authors who write steamy erotic novels also heat up the bedroom — and just about everywhere else: church basements, on stacks of drywall, on stage at a concert, on horseback, in canoes, in elevators, at museums, and on playground slides and Disney World rides.

The Fussy Librarian surveyed 103 erotic romance authors between May 9-19 to learn whether their sex lives were spicier than the typical American, or if they just had more active imaginations. Spoiler alert: They are much more sexual. A detailed summary of the findings is below.

Five findings from The Fussy Librarian’s survey:

1. They’re female (94%), married (74%), heterosexual (89%) and use a pen name (77%). They’re more likely to tell mom (69%) than dad (53%) about what they write. More than four in 10 say at least one of their parents HAVE READ one of their erotic novels.

2. Authors lose their virginity at about the same age as the typical American (17), but they’re more likely to have sex on the first date (45% vs. 17% of U.S. women) and participate in a threesome (21% vs. 14% of all Americans). They’re also three times more likely than the average American to have had 11 or more sexual partners.

3. They have had sex outdoors (84%), in a car (88%), on a plane (10%), in an elevator (11%) and in an office (41%). (See the full survey results for more unusual places they’ve had sex.)

4. Among heterosexuals, one in five have had sex with a member of the same gender. Three out of four have based a sex scene in a novel on something that happened in their life and nearly half have had sex as research for a novel.

5. They’re less likely to cheat on their spouse—only 5% compared to about 15% of American women. Finally, they don’t think much of Fifty Shades of Grey. On a scale of 1 (terrible) to 5 (great), authors give the book an average of slightly more than two stars.

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