Eleven Trends and Opportunities for Digital Publishers in 2015

Publishers faced a number of challenges over the past year, from hashing out ebook pricing terms with Amazon to adapting to slower ebook growth.

Looking ahead, it can be difficult for publishers to envision where the most promising opportunities lie.

According to leading industry analyst Thad McIlroy, founder of The Future of Publishing blog, there are at least 11 key areas where emerging trends and ongoing transformations are creating spaces for publishers to explore profitably.

DBW_WP_coverMcIlroy outlines each of them and explains how to adapt strategically in order to take advantage of those changes in a new white paper, 11 Topmost Digital Book Publishing Trends & Opportunities. The white paper is a brief conceptual guide to the unprecedented array of programming lined up at Digital Book World 2015, where each of the subjects it explores will be investigated in-depth.

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Digital Book World Names 11 Topmost Book Publishing Trends, Opportunities

New White Paper Highlights Key Themes in the Digital Book Publishing Community

NEW YORK (Dec. 10, 2014) — A newly published white paper from Digital Book World (DBW), an online educational and news platform, highlights some of the most important book business topics – from the industry’s ongoing digital transformation to self-publishing, EdTech and the use of IT, data and analytics, among other topics. The new white paper, 11 Topmost Digital Book Publishing Trends & Opportunities, is free and available to download now at conference.digitalbookworld.com/whitepaper.
Each of the topics in the white paper will be explored at the Digital Book World Conference + Expo (@DigiBookWorld – #DBW15), the largest event worldwide dedicated solely to the business of digital publishing. The event, which gathers more than 100 notable speakers and 1,500 professionals, takes place in New York, Jan. 13-15, 2015. See conference.digitalbookworld.com (early-bird rates are available).

The 11 key topics in the new DBW white paper include:

1. The book publishing industry’s digital transformation and how it’s still in its infancy, with numerous opportunities for innovators, change agents and book business entrepreneurs

2. How ebooks will continue to open up new, greater audiences for publishers

3. The aftermath of the Amazon and Hachette dispute, an opportunity for publishers to reflect and reevaluate the book distribution ecosystem

4. Why publishers should embrace and maximize IT, data and analytics

5. The importance of learning new skills to master mobile – the world’s fastest growing media platform

6. How self-publishing will continue to grow as more options arise from technological trendsetters

7. The educational publishing market’s transformation and the EdTech opportunity

8. Why navigating the intricacies of international markets is essential for digital book publishers

9. The role of content marketing in the publishing industry

10. How dynamic communities, built around content, are supercharging the discoverability of books

11. The value of partnerships and supply chain collaboration in the book publishing industry

The white paper was commissioned by Digital Book World and written by Thad McIlroy of The Future of Publishing. McIlroy is an electronic publishing analyst, consultant and author based in San Francisco, Calif. He will be presenting on mobile strategies at the upcoming Digital Book World Conference + Expo. In addition, McIlroy authored a DBW report, Mobile Strategies for Digital Publishing, which will be launched and highlighted at the conference in January.
Visit conference.digitalbookworld.com to sign-up for the Digital Book World Conference + Expo.

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One thought on “Eleven Trends and Opportunities for Digital Publishers in 2015

  1. Mike Coville

    “to adapting to slower ebook growth.” – Slower ebook growth is only being seen for the legacy publishing houses that keep their ebook prices over $10. Independant publishers are seeing nothing but growth in their ebook sales.

    I wish you would make that distinction in your articles so that your readers are not mislead.



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