Ebook Walled Gardens Are Real

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Amazon-logoReaders who buy ebooks from Kindle, Nook and iBooks are more likely to only buy ebooks from those retailers than those who buy ebooks from smaller ebook sellers like Google, Sony and Kobo.

That’s the finding from a recent survey of ebook readers by Codex Group. The implication? Established ebook retailers have loyal audiences; smaller ebook retailers have audiences that are willing to bounce around and buy ebooks from other retailers.

The reason why is unclear. There’s more: If a reader buys from more than one ebook retailer, there’s roughly 32% chance that they buy from Kindle, meaning that when customers of other ebook retailers decide to stray, they most often stray to Amazon.


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The rest of the day’s top news:

Film Releases Power Ebook Best-Sellers (DBW)
The release of the film Lone Survivor, starring Mark Wahlberg, has helped drive the ebook of the same title to No. 1 on the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller list. There are many other titles on the list driven by films. More.

The S Word: The Buzz on the Subscription Model (DBW)
Subscription ebook models were the buzz at DBW 2014, but most attendees discussed them as outsiders. Justo Hidalgo, founder of Spain’s 24symbols has been eating and breathing this topic for years, perhaps longer than anyone. Here’s his take.

Byliner Partners With Public Radio International on Ebooks (DBW)
Ebook publisher and platform Byliner has struck a deal with the producer of This American Life and other big U.S. radio shows to publish ebooks.

Indie Powerful (PW)
New software for indie booksellers could put them on a more even plane with Amazon.

iEducation (DBW)
Apple has expanded its iTunes e-textbook and learning management capabilities overseas. The company currently operates ebook stores in over 50 countries.

Apple Wins Minor Court Victory (Reuters)
Judges granted Apple temporary reprieve from its court-appointed monitor until the company’s appeal on the issue can be heard.

South Africa Slow to Adopt Ebooks (Tech Central)
According a to new report from consultancy PwC, South Africa will adopt ebooks very slowly over the next five years.

OdiloTID Snags Colorado Libraries Deal (DBW)
OdiloTID will supply a platform that Colorado libraries will use to purchase and share digital content. The company hopes to apply this model across the U.S., revolutionizing the way libraries buy and share digital content.

Enhanced Lending (Good E Reader)
Ebook library vendor OverDrive has unveiled new enhanced ebook lending functionality.

Unglue.it Takes Another Step Toward Making Books Free (DBW)
Unglue.it is a very unconventional ebook retail start-up. It’s based on the idea that folks will want to pay money to put toward making a book available for free to everyone. The company has a new way of making this happen, one that offers the consumer a bit more of an incentive.

Humble Audio (DBW)
Humble Bundle, the ebook bundling company, is now introducing audiobooks into the mix.

Related: Why Bundling Always Means You’ll Have Something to Read.

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