Ebook Subscription Service Entitle Improves Recommendation Engine

Entitle announces an upgrade to its recommendation engine in an effort to improve discovery through its subscription-based ebook platform.

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Entitle CEO Bryan Batten explains how the upgraded recommendation system works:

We currently employ a content analysis recommender system which reads, analyzes and understands the actual contextual elements of each title. After reading each title in its entirety, not just the metadata or synopsis, the system then compares it against the rest of our library to surface other titles with similar themes, topics, subject, characters etc., to help you find that next hidden gem in our library. With an ever-growing catalog, we have retrained the topic analysis, which now includes thousands and thousands of topics to mine, compare and analyze. In addition, as we continue to capture more and more user ratings, we are combining the content analysis and collaborative filtering recommender systems to not only look at the content of individual titles but to also look at what others with similar tastes are interested in.

Entitle does not offer users unlimited access to its catalog, as do competitors like Oyster, Scribd and Kindle Unlimited. Instead, subscribers may download two titles each month for $9.99.

Entitle, formerly eReatah, does not disclose the size of its user base, but it is widely understood to be smaller than other leading ebook subscription services. Its catalog includes over 200,000 titles, whereas Oyster and Scribd both estimated their respective offerings at more than 500,000 titles each as of this summer. Kindle Unlimited puts its subscription-based catalog at about 700,000 titles.

Unlike its competitors, Entitle subscribers own the ebooks they download through the platform.

Entitle also provided a breakdown of the most popular titles by genre:


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Leading eBook Subscription Service Refines Overall Web Experience for Customers

WILMINGTON, NC, October 17, 2014 – With thousands of published and independent authors to sort through, many eBook subscribers grow frustrated searching through the avalanche of titles available to them. Well, Entitle Books, a fast-growing monthly eBook subscription service where customers actually own the books they download, has the answer to book lovers’ prayers thanks to two strong recommendation features: “If These Books Had a Baby” and “Recommendation Station.”

Through intricate data mining and advanced machine learning algorithms, Entitle Books quickly and easily learns what subscribers are interested in so they spend more time reading and less time searching. Best of all, the more subscribers interact with the site and app, the more precise the recommendations become making it more like a personal librarian than a technological marvel.

“Subscribers absolutely love our recommendation function and given the talent and effort behind its creation, they have every right to do so,” said Bryan Batten, Founder and CEO of Entitle Books. “What’s truly innovative about our system is the speed at which it learns your preferences and the high level of personalization it achieves so that over a short period of time, you are getting recommendations that are ideal for you.”

Entitle Books partnered with Nicholas Ampazis, a tenured assistant professor at the renowned University of the Aegean and one of the brightest minds in deep data mining and machine learning to develop a best in class recommendation platform that gets “smarter” the more it is used. Ampazis was part of the Ensemble Team that tied for first in the Netflix Prize, an international competition held by the streaming media giant to improve its search functionality.

Adds Ampazis: “Entitle Books is a paradise for recommendations because they have two very well-defined sources of information: the actual text that is contained in the books, and the star ratings given to each book by the consumer. When we apply our proprietary text mining methods with the collaborative filtering / machine learning methods, the result is a continually refined and extremely insightful recommendation list.”

Given the recent growth in its subscriber base, Entitle Books is currently undergoing a redesign of its online portal so that the subscription process is streamlined and the overall consumer experience is enhanced.

About Entitle Books
Based in Wilmington, NC, Entitle Books is a fast-growing monthly eBook subscription service that lets book lovers read more for less, allowing members to download 2 eBooks a month for only $9.99 – a savings of up to 75%. Unlike competitive eBook subscription services, Entitle Books’ subscribers own the eBooks they download every month. This allows its members to read at their own pace without feeling pressured by time to ensure they get their money’s worth of their subscription. It also allows them to read their selections after their subscription expires. Entitle Books’ proprietary recommendation engines utilize highly advanced algorithms developed by the same team that helped create the Netflix recommendation system.

The company’s growing library contains over 200,000 quality titles from leading publishers including Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Workman, Diversion, Berrett-Koehler, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Kensington, Sourcebooks, HarperCollins Christian, IPG, Open Road Media, RosettaBooks, and a distribution deal with Ingram Content Group, which provides full catalogs from 400 additional publishers.


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