Ebook Retailer Forgotten Books to Launch Unlimited Download Subscription Service

[Press Release]

Forgotten Books launches an unlimited download subscription service with nearly half a million titles for just $8.99 per month.

Forgotten Books’ move to unlimited access provides users with more books than they could read in a lifetime.

Publishing company Forgotten Books runs the world’s largest ebook library at www.forgottenbooks.com. Starting on July 10th subscribers will be able to download as many ebooks as they can read (or more) for $8.99 per month. They are set to broaden access even further, with the launch of mobile apps on iOS and Android coming up soon.

Forgotten Books founder Alasdair Forsythe says: “Forgotten Books is the only company offering 484,473 books for less than the price of a single paperback. With the rise of the subscription model changing the way people pay online, we believe unlimited access subscriptions are the future of the publishing industry.”

Sales and downloads data show that the most popular titles are often the most unexpected, as readers unearth hidden gems from history. Some of these works contain knowledge in danger of being lost as we move into the digital age, it is the mission of Forgotten Books to preserve this knowledge and make it available to all. Examples include books of local folk lore, or treatises on endangered arts such as blacksmithing. Fiction is not neglected either, with both unknown authors and the classics (such as Mark Twain, or Jane Austen) available.

The online library has been used by people as diverse as professional academics and amateur genealogists. People with author ancestors have found their forebear’s work and shared it with their family, such as twitter user @hummingbirdbook who found her great grandfather’s autobiography. Forgotten Books is committed to keeping these writings available whether they are commercially viable or not.


Founded by Alasdair Forsythe in 2007, Forgotten Books focuses on republishing historical writings and remains family owned and run. Please contact us for further information, graphics, etc.


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