Ebook Publisher Power Rankings: Top 10 Publishers of Q1 2014

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The DBW Ebook Best-Seller Power Rankings is a list of publishers whose ebooks have appeared on the weekly DBW Ebook Best-Seller list. The publishers are listed in order depending on how many appearances their titles made on the ebook best-seller list on a week-to-week basis. 

When it comes to creating best-selling ebooks, no publisher can come close to the prowess of Penguin Random House.

Through the first quarter of 2014, the world’s largest publisher had 122 weekly ebook best-sellers, nearly double its closest competitor and about 41% of all the best-sellers so far this year.

That said, PRH’s closest competitor perhaps had an even stronger first quarter, despite having fewer overall best-sellers. HarperCollins hit the DBW Ebook Best-Seller list 67 times in the quarter, about 22% of all best-sellers. But it also had 10 No. 1 ebook best-sellers (all Veronica Roth’s Divergent), only missing the top spot in the 12 weeks we measured in the first quarter. See the other two No. 1 best-sellers in our chart below.

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Penguin Random House

Last year, PRH as a combined entity had 230 ebook best-sellers, good for second on our annual list of best ebook publishers (Hachette was first with 258). But that was only half a year of publishing. Adding up all of the Penguin, Random House and Penguin Random House best-sellers from all of 2013, the company had 478 titles on the list. At 122 at the quarter pole, PRH is on track to match that total this year.



Last year, Amazon was ninth on the overall ebook best-seller list with 46 appearances on our weekly best-seller lists. This year, it’s on pace to hit 120 appearances with 30 in the first quarter, including a No. 1 best-seller (William Lashner’s The Barkeep), a first for the company, and something not even powerhouse publisher Penguin Random House accomplished in the first quarter. Amazon was fourth among all ebook publishers last quarter.

Top 10 Ebook Publishers
First Quarter 2014
Rank Publisher Appearances  No. 1 Best-Sellers 
1 Penguin Random House 122  0
2 HarperCollins 67                                    10
3 Hachette 42                                      1
4 Amazon 30                                      1
5 (tie) Simon & Schuster 12  0
5 (tie) Self-published 12  0
7 Scholastic 7  0
8 Macmillan 4  0
9 Harlequin 2  0
10 (tie) Kensington Books 1  0
10 (tie) Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 1  0


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  1. J...

    The Barkeep from Amazon Publishing is far from the first of their titles to hit #1. You should really try to do more research before writing these articles.

  2. David Hult

    One nation under God, not 50 states
    1 States vs national government
    • We need to form a single united nation and not be divided by 50 states. Today, we have two political organizations competing for power: the 50 states and the national government. Both thinking they have the power of eminent domain. The politicians play up-on this competition to divide the country to win elections. The states have failing grades when it comes to providing education, creating jobs, job training, and equality under the law and making sure all people can vote. When we eliminate the states we will be eliminating a dark corner in our political history.
    • During the Civil War the North called the war the Civil War, the South called the war The War Between the States. In hindsight, the South was saying that each state should be a country like in colonial times, and the North was saying we should be a single country with a national government. The North won the war, but the South has been winning the peace ever since. The movement for states’ rights is at its highest and strongest point since the Civil War. The war freed the slaves and united the country but it did not resolve the issue of states versus the federal government. That War goes on.
    2 Our two worthless political parties
    • We have two political parties. However, neither party helps the country or 80% of the people in the country. The top 1% and businesses get all the help. This should be our number one priority as a nation to get rid of the two-party system. We cannot stop the looting of the country by the 1% and business as long as we have a two-party system. The system is financially crushing 80% of the population that sees falling income and there is no end in sight.
    • In the last election, there were 2 million more Democratic votes than the Republican votes who voted for the House of Representatives. And yet we have a Republican majority in the House as a result of that election. How can that be? Political gerrymandering (this violates the spirit of the Constitution and should be unconstitutional). Why is there not an outcry demanding we make changes? Shouldn’t we stop pretending and demand a real government that represents the people? We are the great pretenders.
    • We pretend we are a democracy and have fair elections. We also pretend that we have a representative form of government.
    • The Republican majority in the House of Representatives has an approval rating of 20% and they are engaged in an all-out political war with the present United States who has an approval rating of 50%. Republican speaker the house Boehner acts like he is the moral high ground and representing the people, he wants to push the president into doing his agenda and keep the president from acting in the historical manner of other presidents. He does this with rancor and anger.
    • The sight of this sickens me and hurts the country. I for one cannot understand why we allow politicians to stay in power when they maintain an approval rating of less than 51% or more. Am I the only one in in this country that is happy with the situation? Who do these people represent?
    • Has this country ever had a fair election? Has it always been like this, or did it change at some point?
    • Bush stole two national elections. There is no evidence that he ordered stealing, but neither he nor the Supreme Court do anything about it, to ensure a fair election. Both times this involve the state of Florida (his brother was the governor). All kinds voting count games were played including telling 5,000 legal voters (who were black) they were convicted felons and could not vote. They were told the week before the election and had no time to respond, 5,000 legal voters were denied the right to vote. The American voters watched and did nothing, because they realize how hopeless a political situation is or many just don’t care.
    • Not all these votes would have gone to his opponent (only 99%) but in addition two Democratic districts both were improperly under counted. The Supreme Court (which violated the Constitution) stepped in and decided the election. Both times games were played with the votes and only once the Supreme Court and only once the 5,000 votes occurred.
    • JFK stole the election from Nixon. There’s no evidence that he ordered the stealing, but neither JFK nor the Supreme Court do anything about it to ensure we had a fair election. The Chicago political machine and Jimmy Hoffa’s Teamsters union played Florida and won the election for him. After JFK won the election he turned on Jimmy Hoffa and Jimmy Hoffa wound up in jail. No good deed goes unpunished.
    • Rigged elections are not only bipartisan, it is also an All-American thing. In a way it doesn’t matter because both parties, once in office, ignores the voters. Look at all the polls of what the majority of Americans want: a livable minimum wage, end antiabortion laws, strong and enforceable background checks for gun sales, improve our social safety net, mental health program, jobs and jobs training programs, NAFTA (have fair trade instead) and bring back the 9 million jobs we lost (7 million outsourced and 2 million jobs that were supporting the 7 million lost jobs) and balance the budget and bring down the debt. Unfortunately, this too is bipartisan and the American way. The politicians have no interest in any of these programs. The Democrats support these programs verbally when they’re out of power and trying to be elected, but once elected they forget the majority of American and there populist agenda.
    • Where’s the Supreme Court in all this? I thought we had three branches of government for checks and balances. What keeps the Supreme Court from doing its job?
    • I am beginning to think we have the political system we deserve.
    3 Social Security and Medicare
    • Redo the nation’s social safety net. Increase the age of and Social Security and make adjustments within both Social Security and Medicare.
    4 Balance the budget
    • Work to balance the budget: eliminate the business tax, eliminate all tax deductions, restore the progressive income tax, add a progressive federal sales tax, redo subsidies, and redo the inheritance tax. This should be our second priority as a nation. If we do all these items, then we are balancing the budget.
    5 Restore the middle Class
    • We should restore the middle class and remove all obstacles that destroyed it. Since we no longer have unions to act as the base for the middle class, we now need a livable minimum wage to replace the unions.
    6 Energy independence
    • Get off foreign oil. Develop our own energy sources. Reduce our dependence on both oil and coal. This should be our third political priority.
    7 Revisit public education
    • Education has become a mess because of Congress, and due to the lack of parental interest in their children’s education. Judges are giving unfunded mandates to schools with authority that they should not be granted. Parents today no longer believe that they play a part in their children’s education, while previously parents played a large part in making sure that their children are up to date with the rest of their classmates.
    • Parents currently believe that all learning should be done at school and that they are not responsible for making sure that their children are keeping up with their school work and learning. Earlier in our history, teachers would supply the subject matters for students to study, and parents would make sure that their children understand the topic. Granted, many parents are busy and may not have time, I propose to make sure that their children are informed and educated properly we should extend the school day.
    • We need to federalize public schools and land-grant colleges so we can become all inclusive: class size, study subject outside the basic curriculum, parents hiring the teachers and negotiating salaries, etc. this will allow us to lower the cost further and address the needs of the students. Eliminate the tuition cost for schools funded by the federal government.
    8 Schedule for the typical school day
    • The school day started 9 AM. We should address the needs of the three groups of children that are going through the school. Today for every 15 kids that enter kindergarten only 10 will graduate from high school and only one of them will graduate college. This is a disgrace. The 10 kids that are placed in K through 12 are all on a college preparation course without any job training. Maybe only three of the 10 to take college preparation so that one of the three will graduate college.
    9 Brick-and-mortar structure for the K-12 schools
    • We need a college campus type construction all in one place for students attending K-12 schools. The land for this campus could be as much as 30 to 40 acres or more. Land, building, heating, etc. we paid hundred percent by the federal government.
    10 Voting
    • Nothing is more divisive in this country than trying to make sure everyone has the right to vote. The biggest and only villains in this are the state governments which we should eliminate. All elections to be handled by the national government, not the states.
    11 Sedition laws
    • We need to restore civility and order to our political discussions. It should be free of rancor, treason and malice. The political discourse should be designed to unite and bring us together and not divide us as a nation. As a country it is necessary to move from totally free speech to free speech with some restrictions.
    12 Legal reform
    • Local district attorney’s should be eliminated and replaced with a single judge. Trial by jury’s and local district attorney’s has turned the legal system into a joke. Innocent people go to jail and murderers go free. Eliminate trial by jury and replace this with a single judge.
    • The Supreme Court said that that deadly force is not justified when a policeman is confronted with someone resisting arrest. When a person is killed, the police-person ought to be put on trial for murder. We need to stop the police from the random killing of our unarmed civilians. Especially since most of the people they are killing come from the minority communities. This suggests that there is a racial overtone to their mindless killings.

    13 Supreme Court reform
    • The first problem with our Supreme Court system arose when Andrew Jackson reduced the power of the Supreme Court by ignoring their verdict and got away with it. The second problem is that the Supreme Court has never had enforcement power and that should be corrected.
    14 Immigration reform
    • We need immigration. We need to resolve the current issue of people who are in this country illegally.
    15 Police reform.
    • The current role of the police force is out of date and they are not as effective as they should be. The police have failed in many areas: killing unarmed minority teenagers, policing the police, and adjusting the size of the police force to the needs of the community.
    • We should suspend issuing speeding tickets during commuting hours. All money that is collected by the police should go to the city not the police. Today many officers are engaged in make-work projects that have nothing to do with the public. We have too many policeman in low crime subdivisions and not enough policeman in high crime areas.
    • All police violations to be handle by judges, not the police. All records of police violations should be turned over to civilian authority.
    16 Empower the nurses of America
    • Doctors are generalist are over utilized at very high cost. A nurse with proper training could do 90% of what a generalist does enter pay 75% of the doctors.
    17 Reform the post office Cost Structure
    • Congress has tried very hard to eliminate the post office by imposing unrealistic financial burdens on their existing costing system because they would like to eliminate the post office and make everything private.
    • The government needs to be more evenhanded with the post office and alter their pricing structure so it is less dependent on government funds. Perhaps at a branch to compete with UPS.
    18 Military legal reform
    • To me, the military has proven it cannot be evenhanded or fair with trials. Especially when it comes to women. This power should be taken away from the military. The military should be restricted to article 15 type decisions. Higher malfeasance should be handled by civilian courts.

    19 Elevate and expand the power of the presidency
    • We should empower the president to preside over banking and business regulation. The Congress has proven to be inefficient in most things, but when it comes to acting in the best interest of the country’s financial affairs they are absolute failures. I for one think it is part of their effort to try and get the 1% free of all taxes and businesses be free of all regulation. Congress could care less about the country and 80% of the people in it. For the last 10 years Congress’s approval rating is unbelievably low.
    • The president will dictate the issues for running the government and Congress will review and approve or disapprove with a 51% vote. Congress will assume a more submissive role to the president. Congress can still pass laws but may not challenge the authority of the president through legislation.
    20 We should reduce our poverty level which stands at 50% to 12%
    • We should reduce our current poverty level from the current 50% down to LBJ’s 12%. Unless structural changes are made, the poverty level in relation to the percentage of the population, will continue to increase, the percent of total wealth in the hands of the 1% will continue to increase, and the budget with never reach an equilibrium. This country needs help and needs it soon. This country is on the wrong path. Both parties are driving this country in that direction. The historical average of poverty, before 1970, was 20%.
    • The only break we had from this downward decline was from 1990 to 2000. Bush one and Bill Clinton were not only good presidents they were financially responsible for turning the country around for a short period of time only to see that squandered by Bush two. We have had three really bad presidents: Nixon, Reagan, and Bush two, but Bush two is the worst president I have seen in my lifetime.
    21 National mental health program
    • This country has a high percentage of people with mental illness and our current solution is to put them in jail or ignore it, or let them become homeless; we need to do better. It will cut the number of people in prison.
    22 Sedition laws to stop verbal treason, slander and made-up facts.
    • We should stop politicians from making seditious statements and making up slander. We should not allow politicians to just make up facts. We should encourage prosecution for such verbal behavior. We need a national TV station (single channel) that fact checks political dialogue and those violating the issues be presented to the Supreme Court.
    23 Prison reform
    • More than half the people in prison shouldn’t be there. If we had an effective mental health program half the people in prison would have never gone to prison in the first place. We need a better transition program from prison to normal life. No one in prison should serve more than 10 years. The three strikes and you serve life should be unconstitutional. If a person is in prison for a drug offense and no violence then they should serve no more than six months.
    24 NAFTA
    • Nafta is free trade program has been a wrecking ball for 80% of the country and caused a large concentration of wealth to move to a few people at the top. The top 1% have increased their total percent of the nation’s wealth as a result of this program, net loss of jobs, steady decline in wages for the 80% and a feeling that the country is headed in the wrong direction.
    • This program of free trade has destroyed the unions and the middle class and made the rich richer (the top 1%).
    • Only 19% of the population remains of what was the 50% in 1970. In 1970 our poverty rate was 20% and today it’s 50%. For 45 years we have been moving in the wrong direction.
    25 The MBA mentality has destroyed corporate of America
    • Leadership position in corporations is called chief executive officer or CEO. I would like to provide a little insight into the world of the CEO.
    • Each department in a Corporation should be limited to 30 people and be run by a micromanager. Manager be trained in skill in the same feels as the people he is managing.
    26 The new internal political structure
    • Rules and job description for each level in the national political structure. This is a bottom up structure. Politicians today do not work for us, they work for the cabal. They should worked from a populist agenda, not for themselves, not their ideas, not their narrow-minded partisan politics. We should change that and have politicians promote only the populace agenda. We will have a representative form of government. Then we can turn this country around, establishing the middle class, balance the budget and start working to reduce the debt.

    Change the American flag, from 50 stars to one large bold Star. One United nation under God.
    1 We the people need to form a single unified nation government and end the conflict of states versus the national government.
    • Today we have unequal power of the vote and our representatives have a skewed idea of what it means to represent the public. They Do Not.
    • We should change that by having each senator represent 1% of the population and have the dual title of Sen. and Gov., thereby equalizing the power of the vote for all.
    • They should live in their home districts 85% of the time or more and visit DC only occasionally. This provides the governor’s with a national voice and that voice is badly needed. The people will finally have a true representative form of government and will be free of the glass ceiling between the voter and government than what exist today. The politicians like the status quo and they will be the ones who will attempt to block restoring and equalizing the vote.
    • By having the Senators live in their home district it gives them face-to-face experience with the voter rather than people who are trying to offer them political bribes for their vote in DC: campaign contributions. Which should be outlawed.
    • For the Senators to stay in power they must maintain an approval rating of 51% or more with the registered voters, if they failed to do this, then it triggers an election in six months. They can still run in the new election. No term limits.
    • Inside each the senatorial district there should be 4 congressional districts. Each district will have an equal population of 1/4% of the population.
    • Congressmen will have the dual titles of Congressman and Mayor. We have too many mayors today. The entire state governments are in conflict with the national government and provide way too many political positions in this country. The public has no idea what all these people are doing.
    • Treat the Congressman like we treat the Senators. Each mayor now has a national voice. Our present Congress represents only the 1% and business communities. There should be a populist outcry by the people for a voice in our Government. Remove the glass ceiling. Let our voices have meaning and be heard. Stop the mindless passing of partisan votes that will never get president’s signature. Be constructive and positive in your legislation.
    • For a mayor to stay in power they must maintain an approval rating of 51% or more of the registered voters, if they failed to do this, then it triggers an election in six months.
    • Leader of the Senate will be the president of the United States. Leader of the House will be the Vice President of the United States. Parliament procedures will replace the two-party system. President and vice president will be decided by national elections. Eliminate the existing system which allows the politicians to fill these positions. Speaker of the house Boehner seems to object to the president acting like a president. Inviting the Israeli president to come speak to the house was an act of treason. We have separation of powers of the three branches of government. In one branch starts invading the reserves domain of another branch then that violates the Constitution and that is treason. This is another example why House members need to spend 85% of their time their home districts and worry about the voters and not try to compete with the president.
    • 51% majority rule, or more, will rule on any situation. Both political positions will be decided by national elections. No more super majorities for anything.
    • Either house can replace either the President or the Vice President with a 51% vote and call for elections in six months. Also the districts that the vice president and president come from must maintain a 51% approval rating or more; if they fail to do so, then this also triggers a new election in six months.
    • Eliminate the need for both houses to pass the same bill. On an exception basis, both houses may pass the same bill as required.
    • To make this happen, the president will issue an executive order to have elections in one year and the above rules will be in place. This will be in keeping with the presidential actions (executive orders) of Andrew Jackson on the banks. We have a history to build on and repeat. I am not suggesting that this is the only menu the president will follow. But unless we equalize the vote and eliminate the two parties go to parliamentary procedures I don’t believe we’ll get anywhere. I do think it’s important that the president and vice president preside over the two departments of Congress by national elections because the present system doesn’t work.
    • Once the election is held, the Senate will review and revive the Constitution to reflect these new rules. The President will sign it into law.
    • Today both the states and the national government think they have the power of eminent domain and are equal in power. And in some cases even cities think they have this power of eminent domain. Only the national government has the power of eminent domain.
    • The Senators and Congressmen will live in their home districts 85% or more of the time. Only the President and Vice President will be in DC. We need to drain the swamp of all the nonsense that goes on in Congress today and start having our politicians work for the people and this great nation. That would be a wonderful change. I hope and pray that it will happen.
    • Today we have too many political levels and positions and it is confused mess; it is too easy for these various political positions to carry on nefarious activity and be out of sight of the public. We need political transparency. We need to reduce, simplify and streamline our political structure.
    2 Our two worthless political parties should to be eliminated.
    • This party is dedicated to helping the top 1% and business. They work to prevent them from having to paying taxes and make sure businesses is free of regulations and taxes and getting their subsidies. They also want to subsidize all levels of businesses. They think the bottom 80%, who pay taxes, should provide the tax dollars for the 1% and businesses.
    • They have no interest in helping this country or 80% of the people in this country. They no interest in balancing the budget, reducing the poverty rate, putting back in place the counter weights to Capitalism. They like the fact that the 1% is getting a larger percent of the wealth. The fact that poverty levels has grown from 20% to 50% and still growing is just fine with them.
    • They are financially and socially irresponsible to this Nation and 80% of the people in this nation. We are being played for suckers. Let’s take back our Country from these unpatriotic, uncaring SOBs.
    • To achieve power they use the divisive means of social conservatism, they denounce all those who are different than they are: people of color, all minorities, different religions, gays, women’s rights, liberals, intellectuals, science, etc. This fires up their base who loves to hear this verbal bigotry. Their Party appears to be extremely un-American and they do not believe that all people in this country should be treated equally. They do not believe in home-front patriotism. Could it be they are the party of white male bigots?
    • This party represents the wealthy and business people. The Europeans call this kind of group fascist or the right-wing. In America, the party is mainly white Anglo-Saxons males and Southern Baptist. The Baptist do not believe that women should be ministers, because they are not to men.
    • This party thinks it’s all right for women to be second-class citizens: unequal pay for the same job.
    • We have unequal justice in the eyes of the law for women who are divorced. The existing laws seem to favor men with the ability to run away from their financial obligations and the women without any reasonable recourse to change that. This should be unconstitutional. We also have unequal justice for minorities.
    • The Republicans believe that women cannot make their own decisions about their bodies: abortion. They believe that white males are needed to tell them what to do with their bodies. It is the white male party of America. Everyone else is a second-class citizen.
    • Most religions in this country are run by religious corporations and I think it is the American way to make these corporations treat women equally in their organization.
    • Companies that are found to be paying women less than men for the same job should be fined $10,000 for each person a most religions and raise the woman’s wages to that of men. This should be constitutional.
    • The Republicans have made up their own Constitution as an example of this is the second amendment, which they believe that it says that every citizen has the right to bear arms, however the Constitution says only government sanctioned militias have the right to bear arms. Implying that all citizens have the privilege of bearing arms. When we update the Constitution we should correct any vagueness in the Second Amendment.
    • We should also come to our senses about gun laws. I do not believe that self-proclaimed militia bearing arms preparing to fight the government have the right to bear arms. I for one don’t believe they should any arms at all.
    • We also should say that education and health are constitutional rights, not privileges. It’s a real shame that our original Constitution was written by men. Next time, we should include everyone. We should say” all mankind are created equal with certain inalienable rights, life, liberty and equality under the law”.
    • Passing laws telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies should be unconstitutional. Passing laws that tells couples how many mates can be in a marriage should be unconstitutional. Prohibition, of any kind, should be unconstitutional. We should strike all these kind of laws down.
    • The Baptist religion reinforces this believe that women are second-class citizens and cannot have an equal role in religion. I should include the Catholic Church in this argument, and the Muslims, and the Jews. We need a country where women are equal citizens free of religious bigotry. I think the country should insist that religious corporations treat women as equal. The Constitution should insist equality for women in all endeavors.
    • Fascism is defined as a cabal of the rich, business and military industrialist. They achieve their aims by bribing politicians who will ignore the people and the Constitution. They create a pseudo-democracy, where people still vote, but their votes have no meaning. This describes both our country and the Republicans who have embraced Fascism.
    • Those in power do the will of the cabal. A glass ceiling was created by bribes and exists between the government and the voting public. The people can see the government, but the government cannot hear the people. Campaign contributions are the bribes. This practice should stop and become unconstitutional. We need elections to be funded by the government.
    • America today is a fascist country. President Eisenhower warned that our country could come under the fascist persuasion and we ignored his warning and we elected three fascist presidents: Nixon, Reagan and Bush 2. All three of these presidents violated the Constitution and exceeded their authority as president.
    • Bush two should have been tried as a war criminal and impeached for lying and getting us into an unnecessary and unjustifiable war in Iraq. We lost thousands of our young people in the conflict and $1 trillion that all went to the debt. Not a penny was paid for. This was the second a Bush no effort to pay for the war. All three should have been impeached for not being traditional American presidents and violating the Constitution limits the president.
    • Reagan had Ollie North stole military supplies from our own military and sell them to Iran and use this money to sponsor a war in Central America. A war act that Congress had clearly declared he should not do he should have been impeached. He also lied and claimed he had no idea this was happening.
    • Reagan’s economic policies (he doubled the national debt and refuse to end the Cold War when he met with Gorbachev, who is a political saint, the Mahatma Gandhi of Russia. Even so, Gorbachev could not win over the evil one. Reagan told his staff he was going to say no before he left see to meet Gorbachev in Iceland. Reagan had a better idea, let’s go home doubled the debt, increased military spending and cause the depression of 87, which was the worst depression since the Great Depression at that time. All his so-called job creation before 87 was not only wiped out, we worst off in jobs after 87 than before he took office, he was responsible for a net loss in jobs. He should have been impeached for his failure as an American president.
    • Nixon was the most dangerous of all because he got control of the IRS, and other agencies and became a virtual dictator. He did get impeached.
    • All three presidents departed from our historical past in their roles as president. The three put a black mark on the presidential history books for presidents. All three should’ve been thrown out of office by the American people.
    • Primary job of the Senate will be to review presidential actions and provide funds to support senatorial districts. The primary job of the house is to provide funds for the Mayor’s districts. Both will make laws as required in their respective areas. Both houses take on a much more passive role than our existing Congress. The current Congress thinks it has presidential powers and is in competition with the president for those powers. This idea should be eliminated in the new Constitution.
    • The president becomes more pronounced and dominant in the new Constitution. The idea is to create a structure for all future presidents that will have the same role and power as Andrew Jackson had. The CBO and the president will be responsible for the national budget and will be subject to Senate review with their power of the 51% vote. The president will approve or disapprove of what the CBO does and the Senate may or may not act on the CBO’s proposal.
    • The Republicans are well organized, they have a clear idea what they want to do and have the backbone and will to get it done. They used to be of a single mine, however of late they have become fractured into several groups.
    • If the Republican Party ever became the second generation of the FDR party by addressing the needs of the populist majority, we could become a great nation again. At the moment they are a major roadblock for us becoming a great nation again and an accelerator for our financial decline. They insist on false statements like tax cuts pay for themselves, tax cuts create jobs, tax cuts stimulate business, raising the minimum wage destroys jobs and hurts the economy, and all the statements are repeated over, over, over again. I for one am tired of hearing them.
    • This party is the shattered remains of what used to be the great party of FDR. The party of FDR included unions, working-class, science community, women, liberals, minorities, middle-class and intellectuals. It was a party of political populism (Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Gov. Brown are all populist in the tradition of FDR Democrats). It was a party that represented the people of this country. It is politically in the center. The existing two parties are both right of center and both pander to Wall Street and the 1%.
    • FDR, Andrew Jackson, Washington and Lincoln were probably our four greatest presidents.
    • It was the party that made this country the greatest country on earth. It no longer exist. We are no longer the greatest country on earth. I believe FDR was the puppet master that gave rise to the unions which in turn created the middle-class. During the late 1930s FDR had several programs to put the unemployed back to work and do things for the country. We need these kinds of programs again. They should include job training.
    • He also brought shipbuilding back to this country. Had he not done this, World War II would have been a different experience for this country.
    • FDR call people into his office, who were buying ships overseas. He asked them why they were buying ships from Europe when all along our coast we had deserted shipbuilding facilities in every port along the entire coastline. This followed World War I shipbuilding boom that ended with the war. Now they stood empty. People are working for next to nothing and looking for jobs.
    • FDR needed the cooperation of both government and business to get people back to work by building ships in this country. This should be done again today. A revised version of this.
    • The American capitalist were buying ships overseas, they claimed that their cost accountants calculated it would cost 50% more to build the ships in this country than buy them overseas. He asked them if they’re both the same price would they buy the ships in this country and they said yes.
    • He offered them a program: you bring me your overseas quote and your coasted bills of material, for building the ships in this country and the government will pay the difference.
    • The Program ended as it was beginning. In business reality, we were building ships for two thirds the cost of the Europeans.
    • If Obama made the same offer to our big money job creators today, I would be surprised if they said yes, in fact I believe they would say no. I would love to be proven wrong because if today’s businessmen did accept an offer like this all the jobs we lost and outsourcing could come back to this country at a profit to the businessmen and this country
    • We need to revisit FDR -type programs to create jobs in this country and bring jobs back to this country. Only small business men are creating jobs in this country, the big money people creating jobs outside this country have no interest in doing anything for this country.
    • Cost accountants do not have the technical skills, knowledge and background to do a make versus buy costing decisions. This country is still making the mistake that FDR addressed in his day. This is why the jobs are not coming back to this country and being created in this country. The only way an accountant advices bringing back jobs to this country is if he makes a mistake. Accountants are very good at their job and hardly ever make a mistake.
    • Because our business community cannot do an accurate make versus buy to determine justification to create jobs in this country and bring those jobs back, it becomes the government’s job to do it with the help and partnership of business.
    • Small business men do create jobs in this country, but that is on an individual basis. We need to expand job creation and include Businessmen with large sums of money. Businessmen Lack the tools to do the same job and therefore they don’t do it. It is too easy to outsource to another country. Creating jobs in your own company is just too much work for today’s CEO’s.
    • I know this because my first five years at the company, my job and my degree matched, but then the work ran out and I had to create my own job. I created a job consisted of bringing jobs back into the company and you have no idea what an effort it takes to do that. My primary job was new product development and design. I did my design work on computers.
    • Every department in the company will fight you in some way because the consensus is always to do nothing (cost reduction and vertical integration).
    • The standard MBA in mentality. We had a person in the company who was second in command of manufacturing and taking his MBA degree in the evenings. He asked the professor for some tools for handling all the price pressure, just in time programs, union demands, and etc. to deal with all this. The professor said this is easy just raise prices. Maybe in the Land of Oz you could just raise prices, but not in the real world and stay in business. I for one question the value of the MBA degree because it was designed by people with no business experience.
    • My first fight was with cost accounting and it was the easiest and most successful of the fights, it allowed me to create an engineering cost bill of materials and tooling estimate of the savings for the project and have the accountants backing. The accounts and I worked as a team from then on.
    • The old way a cost accountant worked was get a purchase price on every item and everything was assembled on the final assembly line. Every single item had a hedge was added, and increased the cost of each item. The only way a product would be brought in house is if the accountant made a mistake by at least a factor of two. They have no vision over manufacturing tooling, the tooling cost of molds, mold rates, labor rates for new jobs, mold rates for different Plastic presses, vertical integration and cost reduction, etc.
    • I never won over manufacturing (plant manager) because he hated vertical integration he hated maintenance and quality control and want everything to turn into a final assembly. I did win over manufacturing engineers at my level.
    • I could never win over the head of purchasing. He would cooperate to some extent but he would not change any existing costing practices. I did win over the purchasing agents.
    • When we started production, purchasing had to establish standard costing for the bill of material. Let’s say I and the company knew the product would produce about 600,000 parts per year. All their estimates would go out for 30 days which would result in higher prices removing a large chunk of my cost reduction for the records and added about a 5% hedge (They called this Standard costing Bill of Material). Once in production they would get quotes for at least a year. This would show a large cost reduction that would appear on paper only (it was my cost reduction). Then they would add both my cost reduction and Purchasing’s (make believe cost reduction) on to corruptive headquarters showing what a great job the company was doing on cost reductions. I objected to this for several reasons: I wanted to use actual cost bills of material made it difficult to determine actual cost. The whole company knew this game was being played and refuse to change it. Corporative had unrealistic cost reduction goals and the only way to meet these goals was creating a series of games and this was one of them.
    • I gathered information from all sectors of the company: purchasing, manufacturing tooling cost, rate studies and manufacturing, and I learned the rules of price, material, overhead and burden that could stand-up to scrutiny. I got Corporation from people at my level in manufacturing, but it was the plant manager that gave me grief. He always went around me and pleaded his case to marketing.
    • Marketing always believed the last person they talked to and never really understood at any time what was going on. Had I not had the solid support of the vice president of engineering this whole program would have never happened and I believe it cost him his job even though we created numerous new products and save the company millions of dollars. It is not what you do but how you do it. Vice president of engineering would slam-dunk my obstacles in the various departments and they did not like his pushy domineering manner. He got things done and he did in a very effective manner. The MBA mentality does not like this kind of a manager, because they like harmony more than getting things done.
    • Management everywhere got rid of this type micromanager. They wanted consensus, a good guy you liked; who knows nothing, 6 tall plus an inch or 2, blond hair, blue eyes, good looking, but has exceptional verbal and written communication skills. And then he spends 8 hours a day involving people in mindless, useless, verbal commination games. No one runs the company. He does this because he has no idea how to run the company.
    • This is the missing piece of the puzzle of why companies in this country cannot do make versus buy decisions with any accuracy and therefore no job creation. I also train myself as a design mechanical engineer. Working on cost reductions and use product introduction to get both done. Equipment was added to manufacturing to produce a product and cost reduction.
    • Since the 1970s to today this country has been in a cultural and financial decline and we need to turn that around. Following World War II the rich are paying a tax rate 90% at the top of the scale, this money flowed back and to the country that help create the middle class. Today, Rich pay very little to nothing in taxes. Also bring in guest workers with special needs and outsourcing drove nails into the middle class coffins. We also had the unions and the inheritance tax all were counterweights to capitalism, business and the 1%, always things have been removed and as a result the wealth of the country’s passing from the people to the 1%.
    • The last FDR president was JFK. Lyndon Baines Johnson should have been the last FDR president, however, The Vietnam War destroyed Lyndon Baines Johnson and the FDR party.
    • The Democratic Party today is a watered-down version of the Republicans. They frequently say populist themes, but in power they lack the backbone and will to get them done. They have abandoned the populace agenda.
    • This party lives in fear of being criticize by the Republicans. As seen in this example when Bush 2 lied to get us into the first Iraq war and the Democrats were afraid to vote their convictions in fear of being criticized. They voted for the war knowing full well that Bush 2 was lying to get us into war.
    • Currently, if this party does not change and find the courage of his convictions, it will never help this country and the people in it.
    • Our only hope is that we delete both parties and use parliamentary procedures and reorganize our political structure, then we can become a great nation once again.
    • Today the Congressman and Senators think they are the government and that the president is somehow not quite legitimate. The state governments think they should have the power of the national government and we should eliminate the national government. All the silliness comes to an end if we can follow this outline.
    • In fairness to the presidents I should point out we had 2 presidents from 1972 to now that have acted in the best interest of the country as they sought it. Bush one and Bill Clinton gave us 10 years that were the best since World War II and they did it by raising taxes and balancing the budget. Both were moderate Republicans, one in each party.
    • We did stop the downward climb for 10 years this country and even went uphill for the better. Bush one raise taxes and ended Reaganomics, this took political courage and made him an outstanding president, putting in place the cornerstone for the boom of the 1990s.
    • Bill Clinton added to this process with the help of only the Democrats and without the support of the Republicans with his tax increase. Later both the Democrats and Republicans repeat this to reduce the deficit and create a surplus. That third step not only a balanced budget, but a surplus (the surplus later got destroyed by Bush two). Outside of these two presidents the people have seen only dismal national financial performances. Bush one and Bill Clinton both were very good presidents.
    • Eisenhower gave us the inner states that created thousands of jobs, JFK gave us the spark for the tech boom and the various spinoff industries but that dwindled out by the 1990s. JFK made that happen and it create millions of jobs. LBJ gave us the civil rights legislation, but the Vietnam War did him in. Al Gore was the spark that gave us the Internet.

    3 Redo the social safety net.
    • Medicaid and Social Security will now start at the age of 70. At that time each person will receive 10% of the benefits, 71 20% of the benefits, etc., till, at the age of 79 you get 100% of the benefits in both Medicare and Social Security. This new program will also include a 10% increase in Social Security payments.
    • The government will automatically enroll you.
    • Eliminate the VA and nationalize as many hospitals as required to replace the VA.
    • All veterans under the age of 70 receive 50% of the benefit from Medicare.
    • These nationalized hospitals will have an overhead of 3 to 5% versus the public hospitals with an overhead of 15 to 20%.
    • The entire public can use these nationalized hospitals.
    • Turn Medicare into a single-payer system requiring no national funds for people under the age of 70. The CBO will run and regulate this single-payer system and the president of the United States will sign all the required legislation, then a Senate review.
    • The CBO (Congressional budget office) will provide the funding for the nationalize hospitals and the president will sign the legislation to make the funding official. The Senate will review all such presidential actions and can change them with a 51% vote.
    • Changing the safety net will balance the budget almost by itself.
    4 Work to Balance the budget: eliminate the business tax, eliminate all tax deductions, Restore the progressive income tax, add a progressive National sales tax, redo subsidies, and redo the inheritance tax.
    • Eliminate the business tax. I think this tax should be unconstitutional and it promotes outsourcing. If a company wants to outsource outside the country it should paid the retraining and relocation of its employees before it moves. If the company wants to move all or some of their company outside the United States it must get a permit from the United States government and agreed to pay the relocation costs and training of its employees. Failure to do this result in the federal government seizing the entire business.
    • We need to restore the progressive income tax: 5% to 35% in steps. No exceptions. No deductions. The rich are not paying their fair share of taxes in today’s society and that needs to end. We need a progressive national sales tax ranging from 2% to 10% in steps with no exceptions and no deductions.
    • Let’s take back the Country from the 1% and restore the Democracy we once had before 1970 when we were a great Nation.
    • We should stop taxing Americans workers and companies that relocate outside the United States.
    • We need a minimum wage of $15 an hour and a cost-of-living +1%. This will increase a $10 order at McDonald’s by $.20 to $.25. This modest increase will not destroy the economy and lead to job losses, as the Republicans claim. A large percentage of people who are receiving food stamps and working will be able to buy their own food. And it will save millions of dollars in food stamps.
    • A livable minimum wage will become our modern unions. This will save millions of dollars by reducing our dependence on food stamps and help reduce the deficit, create millions of jobs increase revenue that will also reduce the deficit.
    • The Congressional budget office (CBO) will make ongoing adjustments to both taxes on wages and consumption tax to ensure at all times we are funding the budget at 102%. These changes will be approved and signed by the president and then reviewed by the Senate with a 51% vote. We should add this to our new Constitution.
    • We need to replace the existing unemployment insurance with job training and relocation. We should stop paying people who don’t work.
    • One approach to job training would be a modified version of the old tool and die maker program, a two-year program that include math, technical writing, learning how to use machines and making parts off these machines etc. The government could pay half the worker salary during this period of time and the program itself would be run by the employer.
    • The relocation cost will be paid for by the American government. We will stop paying people not to work.
    4 Balance the budget
    • The CBO will take care the adjustments to these two forms of taxes to ensure that we have 102 % revenue at all times. All actions will be signed by the president and reviewed by the Senate.
    • At each quarter we will pay down ¼% of the national debt. The president’s signature is required for all these actions and be reviewed by the Senate.
    • All new subsidies will have a five-year sundown clause or a point of closure when the project is complete. We will stop the practice of never ending subsidies. The Senate and/or president will generate subsidies.
    • We need to end government subsidies of outsource jobs out of the country and replace it with the program creates jobs in this country.
    • Another approach to the jobs training could take about two years, during this time the first six months are paid by the government, the next year will be paid by the employer and the government and the final six months be paid by the employer. We need something that works and trains are people.
    • The relocation will also be paid for by the federal government.
    • Foreign guest workers program: every three foreigners with needed skills that enter this country on the national you want to stop I was at adding 1 gets a job in a different field and one becomes an immigrant without papers. This program is a failure and should be stopped. We should train own people.
    • All foreigner students who graduate from college should be given citizenship. All foreigners who serve in the Armed Forces should be given citizenship. Undocumented people who have children in this country, their children are American citizens
    • If we had the wealthy tax paying their fair share of taxes we would have all the money we need. We also need the inheritance tax and National sales tax.
    5 Restore the Middle Class
    • 1950 to 1970 where the glory years for middle-class America. Capitalism is a great system for generating wealth but for the country to prosper it needs counterweights. We had the counterweights and the repairs: progressive income tax with the top in of 90%. We had an inheritance tax. We had unions. A very strong social mobility. We were self-sufficient with manufacturing and jobs. Poverty rate between 20 to 12%. We were a great nation, the greatest nation on earth. By I any measure we were the number one country in the world.
    • 1970 to now the unions have been crushed, we no longer had inheritance tax our progress it income tax has been eroded such that the rich pay a lower income tax than those on welfare (welfare pays an indirect tax of 17%, Mitt Romney for five years paid 0% taxes and when he ran from president he backdated his income tax so you bring it up around 13 or 14%.) Our progressive income tax system has been inverted, the richer you are the less you pay.
    • Today the 1% have 50% of the wealth, 50% of the country is on welfare, another 30% of the population weave in and out of poverty over their lifetime and social mobility no longer exist. The 1% are looting the country because there are no counterweights. 19% of the population today used to be, before 1970, 80% of the population. If nothing changes the 19% will continue to shrink. This country is being looted by the 1% and is aided by the Republican Party and a politically unconscious Democratic Party.
    • We have two political parties that think this is okay. One of the two parties says the right things but when they’re in power they don’t do the right things. The other party says the wrong things and does the wrong things. Among the top 25 industrial countries in the world, excluding the 1% and the size of the class is also military and the number of people we haven’t prisons, we rank somewhere close to 25th.
    • Our political and financial decline is no accident and has been planned and pushed to happen. The billionaire Coch brothers and other billionaires have been bribing politicians of both parties.
    • The Republican Party has bought into the party line of the Coch brothers hundred percent. The rich should not pay taxes. Large Corporation should not pay taxes and receive huge subsidies even though every year they employ fewer people in this country and create jobs around the world. Our nations Industry do not want regulation so they don’t have to clean up their pollution they cause even if it harms and kills people.
    • The inverted progressive tax code, the Eliminate or reduce inheritance tax have created a great deal of harm to our political system and a financial stability. All the counterweights to capitalism have been removed plus other things added. This has destroyed our once great nation, the unions and the middle class.
    • To turn this around we must equalize the vote, eliminate the two parties, have senators and representatives live in their home districts 85% of the time or more, command all politicians maintain a 51% approval rating are more. And the president and vice president in charge of Congress.
    • Eliminate the business tax, eliminate all tax deductions, reinstate the original progressive income tax, redo subsidies, and upon death the person is relieved of all his wealth which either goes to the government or becomes taxable income for the progressive tax to the person receiving it. Have a livable minimum wage with a cost of living index.
    • People on unemployment receive job training and relocation. Use rather than fair trade rather than free trade zone industries and protect them with tariffs of 25% until at industry is totally recovered and then removed the tariff. Have a variety of plans courage people to build plans and businesses in this country with financial help from government. Screen everyone in the country for mental health and enrollment this program is needed. We should have a goal of the prison population being one quarter percent of what it is today. Mandatory voting and a fine for those who do not vote. National identification card for all citizens. Screen people on our southern border to Mexico and provide one-year green cards for work and the ability to drive a car.
    • Build a new education system. Introduce mental health program with mandatory testing to ensure people say on their drugs and confinement for those who do not.
    • I detail the above and many more changes throughout this outline. All this is required to turn this country around, lift up the middle class and start paying down the debt. Two political parties are nothing more than cheerleaders for the Koch brothers.
    6 Energy independence
    • The Koch brothers are the ones who insist oil and coal because that’s where their investments are and Outsourcing jobs, foreign guest workers, eliminate free trade, revamp subsidies, restore the progressive income tax, eliminate the business tax, eliminate all tax deductions, establish progressive consumption tax and add fair trade.
    • We should consider one of two programs to handle inheritance; all wealth goes to the federal government upon death, or treat the inheritance as normal income without any deductions to the person receiving the wealth.
    • As of now in our country, upon a small farmer’s death, the farms inheritor is required to pay taxes on the farm (which the average Midwestern farm is worth about 4 million dollars) which his predecessor had already paid for. This tax could be avoided if the predecessor sold or gave the farm to his inheritor prior to his death for only one dollar. This is silly. Inheritance should be sorted out pre-death and not after to make inheritance more easily sorted and all inheritance matters needs to be taken care of before the owner’s death.
    • Today nearly all of America’s small farmers are gone. Worrying about the small farmer is an obsolete argument. Farms today are owned by large corporations which are getting large government subsidies and these subsidies need to be cut off.
    • This is not in our best interest financially and health wise. This is a conflict. We should reduce our consumption of oil and gas. We should remove the underground coal workers retrain them relocate them in close all underground mines. It is the Koch brothers and the Republican Party are primarily driving 90% of the people in this country to an economic ditch.
    • We should replace our three obsolete national power grids with one smart power grid this will improve the quality of the air and reduce the cost of electricity. We should put that natural gas pumps all along the inner states in the 30 largest cities so we can have a mass conversion of trucks and cars to natural gas and again prove our air and lower-cost of transportation. We should build at least 20 combination wind and solar towers with each one powering 90,000 homes. We should increase our thermal power system maybe even double it. We should come up with new ideas and plans we energy independence by a certain date. This will all be done with government funding.
    • Our current two-party system will not only not do this they will fight to prevent it. They are the people’s enemies.
    7 Revisit public education
    • There should be at least two swimming pools 50 lanes each for lap swimming. That are 3 feet deep. Mirrors on all the wall.
    • One Olympic style swimming pool for diving. Mirrors on all the walls. The same for the cafeteria area.
    • 50 handball courts with front wall and floor made of concrete and glass enclosure are required. These will be outside, heated, showers, and electric lights.
    • 50 tennis courts outside with the same requirements.
    • 50 Ping-Pong tables outside with the same requirements. Six rooms dedicated to socialization. Music and floor space for dancing. Tables and chairs as needed. These rooms should also be lined with mirrors. Dancing will be taught as an option during gym. Swimming, tennis, Ping-Pong etc. will be taught as part of gym.
    • One room the chess club. All students required to learn chess. Chess ratings will be posted by age and sex.
    • The schools will run school wide tournaments in all these endeavors.
    • Schools will post the students standing will be posted by age sex. The postings will also include academic level by age only. The goal is for individual competition rather team competition.
    • Dormitories provided as needed.
    • Outside track along the perimeter of the compound should be at least a half mile or longer for long distance running.
    8 Schedule the typical school day
    • School starts at 9 AM
    • Between nine and 10 is breakfast and socialization.
    • Between 10 and 1PM is three hours of manning the computers.
    • Between 1 PM and 2 PM is lunch and socialization.
    • Between 2 PM and 5 PM is three hours of manning the computers
    • 5 PM to 6 PM will be supper and socialization. At this time the day staff go home and
    • The night staff come on duty. The day staff can also work the night shift at $50 an hour plus cost of living.
    • From 6 PM to 8 PM will include one hour of Gym, competitive sports, swimming, competitive Indian walking, track, etc.
    • From 8 PM to 9 PM will be interactive study halls for students to complete their homework, be quizzed on comprehension and additional testing that includes verbal and work on the computers as required. School day ends.
    • Schools will be open year-round on shifts of nine weeks on in three weeks off. Schools will be closed for four weeks for maintenance. This four weeks can be broken into segments as required by the maintenance schedule, such as one week following the completion of 12 weeks of schooling, etc.
    • The parents of students, who are working during the day, may request that the students attend school. They will not do the six hours of manning computers reading, studying, Gym etc., competitive sports, swimming, competitive Indian walking, track, etc.
    • The students are attending school, but not taking classes, will spend the six hours: gym, band, studying, etc. the object is to be fun, educational and constructive.
    9 Brick-and-mortar structure for the K–12 schools

    10 Voting.
    • We need to eliminate voter registration. Voter Registration has an anti-voting history and I think it should be declared unconstitutional.
    • People in prison should be allowed to vote. They have all the rights as everyone else.
    • Whenever we have one of our typical elections in which the wrong party wins (the party with the least votes), the Supreme Court should step in and take whatever action is necessary to ensure that the person with the most votes, had those votes counted, does a recount if necessary, or a revote if necessary and assures the American people that we had America’s first honest election. Not the side arbitrarily which person should have won?
    • All naturalized voters and legalize voters should vote and not lose their vote, for any reason. People who try to take the Vote from other people are guilty of treason.
    • All legalized and naturalized American citizens, who are of age, can run for any office. They can stay in office as long as they can maintain a 51% or better approval rating. If they fall below the 51% this triggers an election in six months, however, they can still run for the same office again.
    • Every person in this country should have a personal ID. This ID is a combination of both a credit card and flash drive. The flash drive contain all pertinent details of a person’s life. Anytime there is a major transaction these items should be used.
    • When a person goes to vote they will use the national identification credit card. This credit card will not only have your picture, DNA, fingerprint, and all pertinent information and will include all background information about you.
    • The license bureau will be expanded to cover this program. Every person in the country will have this card. And with a few clicks of the computer it will tell us what the population of the United States.The program will be designed to identify where this population is located. The license bureau will be drawing our new political boundaries. They will redraw boundaries as the populations shift. This will also be the job of the license bureau. And again, the president will sign all such legislation and the Senate will review.
    • When a person goes to vote they will sign two forms by inserting the flash drive into a computer that that in turn sends the information to the immigration office to confirm citizenship and to the IRS for proof that you voted. Failing the vote should be $100 fine. We will have a procedure for people who could not vote and who have a legitimate reason they will avoid the fine
    • We should eliminate voting by calendar. All politicians must maintain a 51% or better approval rating over some arbitrary period of time; if it falls below the 51%, then that triggers an election in six months. This is the new voting order.
    • All elections should be paid for with federal funds. Anyone giving or taking political contributions is guilty of a felony.
    • We need one TV station, without the advertisement, so politicians can debate and discuss political ideas, or a single channel, or a block of time on every channel.
    6 Energy independence.
    • Replace our three obsolete and antiquated power grids with a single smart power grid. Nuclear power stations provide approximately 24% of the nation’s power. Each nuclear power station runs twice a day for 2 to 4 hours at 100% output: This is the lowest cost electricity we have. A smart power grid would run the nuclear power stations for 10 to 12 hours a day at 100% output and produce approximately 45% of the nation’s power. This will result in cleaner air and lower-cost electricity. Then follow this by building many smaller nuclear power plants across the country as needed. The size of these nuclear power plants



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