Ebook Prices Jump; HarperCollins, Amazon and More

shutterstock_146512214After weeks of slowly ticking up, getting more than halfway to the $7.00 mark, the average price of a best-selling ebook jumped this week to $7.49.

At the end of January, the average price of a best-selling ebook was $5.36, just $0.09 off an all-time low, recorded in December 2013. Since then, it’s been steadily ticking up, with a slight hiccup a few weeks ago when the index dropped to $6.02 from $6.09. In just two months, the average price has increased more than $2.00, or a 40% rise.

Why has the average price of a best-selling ebook increased so much in such a short period of time? Two culprits: Higher-priced big-five titles and lower-priced self-published titles. The former are on the list in greater numbers than in many months and the latter are conspicuously absent.

Much more, including HarperCollins and Amazon Publishing and best-sellers.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Wiley Holding Steady (DBW)
Wiley revenue was up slightly in the third quarter and for the year as it continues to build its digital education and professional publishing businesses.

Literary Collage: An Old Idea (DBW)
In the digital age, we’re seeing so many ideas advanced by our forebears being executed on scales never imagined. Take for instance stitching together disparate texts to make something new. In the old days, the “stitching” was literal. More.

Webcast: An Executive’s Guide to Top Ebook Strategies (DBW)
Join Impelsys founder and CEO Sameer Shariff on Wednesday, March 26 at noon Eastern Time for a look at the current digital market and the tactics most likely to succeed in the hyper-competitive ebook market in this free Digital Book World webcast. Register today.

L.A. Times Goes Indie (PW)
Caving to criticism from indie bookstore groups and authors, the L.A. Times is in the process of adding “buy” buttons for retailer IndieBound to appear alongside Amazon buy buttons.

Rumor: Amazon Publishing to Buy Quercus? (PW)
Quercus has been up for sale officially since January. There are several possible suitors, Amazon Publishing being the most intriguing.

Ebook Reading Up in UK (The Digital Reader)
A new survey suggests that more people are reading ebooks in the UK than ever before. In fact, they are reading them at a higher clip than in the U.S. (A statistically insignificant difference, but still!)

Kids, Follow Along  (The Slanted)
Nickelodeon has released a free interactive ebook that kids can read while they watch the media company’s Kids’ Choice Awards on cable television in an attempt to capture that second screen.

Italian Media Giant Mondadori Acquires Ebook Platform Anobii (DBW)
Nearly a third of its one million users are based in Italy, making it a potentially good fit for publishing group Mondadori.

U.S. Offering More Free Ebooks (InfoToday)
The U.S. Government Printing Office is expanding its ebook program to allow more access to its ebooks for about 1,200 libraries.

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