E-Reading Device Growth Slows

shutterstock_109897817Overall growth in the tablet market this year is anticipated at only 2.5%, based on an analysis of the sales figures from the first half of 2014 by ABI Research.

While the top two device makers, Apple and Samsung, hold about 70% of the market between them, Apple’s tablet shipments were down 13% while Samsung’s were up almost 26%, compared with the same period last year.

Some analysts are looking to manufacturers of lower-cost tablets like Lenovo and Intel to spur additional growth in the market.

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What’s Next for the Tablet Market? (Forbes)
In the short-term, probably nothing momentous. Apple is rumored to launch the iPad Pro next month, but the latest research suggests it would be unlikely to jump-start a tablet market that appears to have peaked.

HP Unveils Two Budget Windows Tablets (The Digital Reader)
In a play for the lower-cost end of the tablet market, HP rolls out the Stream 7 and Stream 8, 7- and 8-inch tablets that respectively retail for $99 and $149.

Simon & Schuster Adds to Danish Ebook Subscription Service (DBW)
The publisher makes its back-list titles available on with Mofibo, a provider of subscription ebooks that launched in Denmark a year ago and recently expanded to Sweden.
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Bookshout! Expands Direct Ebook Distribution (DBW)
The ebook distribution platform is closing in on its 10 millionth ebook code, which allows organizations and users to place bulk ebook orders directly. The company expects to double that number by early next year.

A New App for Direct Mobile Ebook Sales (DBW)
Direct-to-consumer sales and mobile delivery are two areas virtually everyone in digital publishing today is paying close attention to. A new iPhone app from direct-sales platform Gumroad helps authors get their titles directly onto readers’ mobile devices.
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IPR License Rolls Out Rights Promotion Tools (DBW)
The program, called Spotlight, offers publishers a platform for marketing book rights, with a focus on emerging markets around the globe.

‘Gone Girl,’ Media Tie-Ins Dominate Best-Seller List (DBW)
Gillian Flynn’s thriller hangs onto its No.1 spot on the Ebook Best-Seller List in a week where a majority of the top-25 titles were connected to a movie or TV adaptation.

Ebooks a Poor Substitute for Print at Universities? (Times of San Diego)
One observer thinks so. Among a handful of (much better) arguments the author cites for thinking twice about libraries’ efforts at boosting their ebook collections is the familiar canard about ebooks dulling reading comprehension.

Kobo’s Waterproof E-Reader Gets Competition (The Digital Reader)
Tolino, a consortium of European ebook retailers with its own line of e-readers, is rumored to be on the verge of launching a waterproof ereader to give Kobo’s Aura H2O, released this summer, a run for its money.


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