Doing More with Data

shutterstock_200285570Most publishers aren’t holding their breath for retailers to release closely guarded sales data, but in the meantime there’s still ample opportunity to make decisions based on what data publishers do have access to.

According to Alex White, CEO of Next Big Book, publishers “all want data that can help them understand the effects of different marketing tactics, which books to invest in, the relationship between social media and sales, whether to place a print ad or a digital ad—I could go on.”

Becoming better equipped at making those data-backed decisions, White says, will increasingly determine publishers’ success in the months and years ahead.

“More widespread access to integrated, user-friendly sales, social and marketing data is the most important thing publishers need to accomplish in 2015.”

Much more.

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Ebook Sales Shrink (PW)
According to the latest Nielsen survey of U.S. book sales in the third quarter of 2014, ebooks comprised 21% of units sold through the first nine months of the year, a dip in two percentage points from the half-year figure. If ebooks really will overtake print in the next few years as some have predicted, it’s so far unclear exactly where the push will come from.

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