Dispute Drags on, Hachette Titles Slip on Best-Seller List

urlWith neither party in the Amazon-Hachette conflict optimistic that the contentious contract negotiations will resolve soon, it’s uncertain how long the publisher’s titles will continue to make a strong showing on the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller list.

There are some signs that they’re slipping already, if only slightly.

All three Hachette ebooks took a dip this week, with David Baldacci’s The Target dropping out of the top ten, from No. 7 last week to No. 11.

Amazon’s removal of pre-ordering capabilities for upcoming Hachette titles may pose the biggest threat yet to their rankings, so the worst could well be yet to come.

Much more.

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Amazon Loosening Grip on Hachette? (HuffPo)
A Hachette spokesperson has confirmed that some of the publisher’s titles that were being kept out of stock are now back in and available for quick delivery to customers. Other evidence of a slight loosening on Amazon’s part has also been confirmed.

Amazon’s New, Influential Opponents (Forbes)
Some high-profile authors have taken to criticizing Amazon in its contract dispute with Hachette – and, unlike publishers, they have hordes of fans. Could it hurt the retailer?

How Authors Can Protect Themselves Against Amazon-Hachette Dispute (DBW)
Today, the conflict is between Amazon and Hachette, and therefore mostly only affecting Hachette authors. But at some point, other publishers’ authors or indie authors may be affected. There are things authors can do to defend themselves.

Short-Form Ebooks Failing? (Pub Lunch)
Short-form ebook content start-up Byliner may not be long for this world according to some recent reports. Officially, the company is just looking for new investors and partners. The subtext is that its future is uncertain if it doesn’t find them.

Open Road Media Expands (DBW)
The digital publisher has acquired the list of Premier Digital Publishing.

The New Penguin Random House Logo (DBW)
Penguin Random House has a new logo but is it the one you would have chosen? Vote! More on the Penguin Random House logo.

HMH’s New Windows 8 E-Textbook App (DBW)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has partnered with Microsoft to create a special app for the Windows 8 platform for e-textbooks.

New Ebook Retailer (DBW)
Mediander promises to sell ebooks to people searching for information on the Web.

Ebook Damages Trial Delayed (Pub Lunch)
We’ll have to wait until August 25 to start the process of determining Apple’s fine for its ebook pricing misbehavior. Estimates have neared $1 billion.

Another Thing to Do With Your Old Kindle (The Digital Reader)
Turn it into the world’s most expensive digital thermometer.


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