Digital Book World Seeks Input from Authors on Publishing Experiences

shutterstock_178372811What do authors want? How are authors faring in the changing publishing ecosystem?

Those are questions we’ve asked before, along with a number of others, in two previous Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest Author Surveys. And they’re among the new set of questions about the author community that we’re asking again this year.

We invite all authors and aspiring authors to share their experiences by participating in the third annual Author Survey. The survey takes only about fifteen minutes or less to complete. Just click here to get started.

The results of the survey will help us understand the core issues authors today face, including their priorities and preferences, their experiences in publishing and their earnings.

Participants in the survey will get a sneak preview of results. The full results will be presented at the Digital Book World Conference and Expo in January 2015 and published as a series of blog posts on the Digital Book World website, offering free analysis and commentary on a range of subjects captured by the data. In-depth analysis will also be available for purchase both in a comprehensive technical report as well as in a series of shorter briefs designed for authors and their partners.

If you’re an author or aspiring author, we’d  love to hear from you! Click here to take the 2015 Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest Author Survey.


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