Czech Retailer Palmknihy Launches Multi-License Ebooks

[Press Release]

Palmknihy started the sale of e-book multi licenses

To download an e-book for more than one reader has not been possible until this moment. Most companies had to deal with this problem, and solved it by buying a single license. This is why Palmknihy, the Czech biggest e-book retailer, has introduced a new form of sale – multi license, which enables companies to share the digital content with all their staff. This is the first product of its kind on the e-book market.

To buy a book and provide it to all your staff in your company library? That had never been a problem. But how to deal with such an issue in the field of e-books, where lending is licensed? E-books are legally considered software, and companies have to deal with them accordingly and buy a license for each user. This is why Palmknihy has come with a new solution – multi licensing. This enables companies to buy a license for a book for all their employees for a fraction of a price the company would have to pay for individual copies. “If a company wants to educate their staff, for example in terms of foreign languages, the managers do not have to buy dozens of copies of a single e-book. They just get a multi license and provide the e-book to their employees – and if they buy unlimited multi license, they do not have to count how many copies they have given out,” explains Jiri Vlcek, CEO of Palmknihy. The Palmknihy e-shop currently offers 1 308 e-books from the field of law, medicine, HR, language and IT, with more titles to come shortly.

There is no similar product on the e-book market in the Czech Republic, nor abroad. Jiri Vlcek confirms that Palmknihy reacted on the needs of the clients. “We know that e-books in companies are a big challenge. We want to make a big leap toward the needs of these companies. Finally, the managers are able to provide an e-book to their employees in a totally legal way with no time limit,” says Vlcek. The publishers are on the same track. “This is a completely new solution for companies, one that is financially affordable and flexible at the same time. When new employees are hired, they do not have to think about new licenses. A multi license is good enough for all their employees – and there is no time limit,” confirms Roman Svitak, from the board of directors of the Grada publishing house, which has become one of the publisher pioneers in providing multi licenses.

About Palmknihy:
Palmknihy is the biggest and oldest retailer of e-books on the Czech market. During the 15 years of the existence, its clients have downloaded almost ten million copies of e-books. Currently, it offers more than 11 000 Czech and Slovak e-books, adding more than 300 new titles each month. E-books provided by Palmknihy can be read on all types of devices – tablets, smartphones, computers or e-book readers, including the Amazon Kindle.


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