Crowdsourcing at a Crossroads?

crowdfundingEarlier this month, Amazon announced it’s readying a crowdsourced publishing package to add to its self-publishing offerings.

Crowdsourcing is a well-established approach to the publishing process in many quarters of the indie and self-publishing communities. If Amazon’s recent foray is anything, it’s a bid to tap into it on a broader scale.

Whether that’s a harbinger of more experiments in crowdsourced content to come remains to be seen. Still, it suggests the model is gaining the attention of some of the publishing world’s biggest stakeholders.


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Perseus and Amazon Agree on Ebook Terms (PW)
Hachette may not yet have found terms it can agree upon when it comes to Hachette, the Perseus Books Group has. The agreement also covers Perseus’s many distribution clients.
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Print Sales Still Ahead of Ebooks (PW)
The latest Nielsen data puts ebook sales at 23% of unit sales in the first half of the year, in third place behind hardcovers and paperbacks.

Discovery Platform Aims to Get Indies into Libraries (The Digital Shift)
JukePop, a platform aiming to help library patrons discover books by self-published and indie authors, turns to Kickstarter in order to expand its services.

Google Imposes New Rules on Android Developers (Good E Reader)
Device manufacturers looking to run Android on their products have a new set of standards to uphold when it comes to implementing the open-source software.

Amazon’s Android Tablets Aren’t “Kindles” (TalkAndroid)
In order to distinguish its newest line of tablets from its Kindle e-readers, Amazon drops the “Kindle” branding from the Android-powered “Fire” devices.

Amazon Completes Twitch Buy (ZDNet)
It’s official. Amazon finalizes its acquisition of the social video streaming platform Twitch, which it bought for $970 million this summer.

Ebooks: To Pirate or Not to Pirate? (NYTimes)
A New York Times readers writes to ask whether it’s reprehensible to download illegal copies of ebooks after buying their physical versions. Read this one less for the answer than for the case study it offers on consumer perceptions when it comes to the difference between print and ebooks.

Translation Publishing in Transition (Digital Journal)
As publishers look to growing international markets for ebooks, a publisher specializing in translation offers a look at the future of translations and rights as the digital landscape evolves worldwide.


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