Crowd-Funding Ebook Platform From Launches

[Press Release]

“Buy-to-Unglue” Crowdfunding for eBooks goes Beta with “Lagos_2060”

The first “Buy to Unglue” ebook went on sale this week as’s new crowdfunding mechanism reached Beta. This is another step in’s effort to become “the bookstore for books that want to be free”.

The campaign page is at

“Buy-to-Unglue” uses ebook purchases as a crowdfunding mechanism. Every ebook downloaded comes with a future dated Creative Commons license. Each purchase brings that Creative Commons effective date, the date the ebook becomes free to everyone, closer to the present.

The first ebook to be sold in this way is “Lagos_2060”. In 2010, eight writers – 5 men and 3 women – came together to contribute stories to an anthology with futuristic takes on the city of Lagos via a workshop tagged LAGOS_2060, conceived to commemorate Nigeria’s golden jubilee. The anthology that grew out of the workshop is remarkable for the different versions of the future it imagines.

The authors are Afolabi Muheez Ashiru, Okey Egboluche, Chiagozie Fred Nwonwu, Kofo Akib, Ayodele Arigbabu, Adebola Rayo, Terh Agbedeh, Temitayo Olofinlua. The collection is curated by Ayodele Arigbabu and published by DADA books.

Libraries are an important focus of the Buy-to-Unglue program. Libraries that participate in can buy the ebooks and lend them through the free ebook distribution platform. In addition, verified library users can purchase buy-to-unlgue books for their libraries.


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