Confronting What Comes Next in Digital Publishing

shutterstock_216346201From the rise of ebooks subscription services to the Hachette-Amazon battle, it’s been a busy and transformative year in digital publishing.

Navigating the shifting landscape is as challenging as it’s ever been. So the upcoming Digital Book World Conference + Expo has widened and sharpened its focus in order to address them. This year’s conference has more programming on a broader range of topics than any before it, featuring industry leaders’ insights on marketing strategies, using data, emerging markets, production technology and much more.

Here’s a precap of Digital Book World 2015. Early-bird pricing ends today, so don’t wait to register.

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Seth Godin Publishes Direct (Pub Lunch)
Squidoo founder and Digital Book World 2015 keynote speaker Seth Godin launches a new, print-only book project with a direct-to-consumer approach he calls “horizontal distribution.” That doesn’t mean Godin’s averse to digital–far from it. Hear more from him on that score at Digital Book World 2015.

HarperCollins Christian Looks to Brazil (DBW)
The HarperCollins division acquires majority ownership of Thomas Nelson Brasil, in a move designed to take better advantage of Brazil’s large and growing market for evangelical Christian content.
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Calling Foul in Hachette-Amazon Coverage (NYT)
Some New York Times readers have objected to how the standoff is being portrayed, arguing that David Streitfeld’s reporting is too harsh on Amazon. Another Times writer acknowledges emotions can run high while pointing out that it’s “important to remember that this is a tale of digital disruption, not good and evil.”

Amazon Fights In-App Purchase Suit (MediaPost)
In-app purchasing in children’s apps has proven a thorny issue for digital retailers and tech companies. Amazon is pushing back against the Federal Trade Commission’s July lawsuit, questioning the agency’s notion of what constitutes “unfair billing.”

Self-Publishing Rising in India (India Today)
As India’s ebook market grows and develops, the options for authors looking to self-publish their work are doing the same. One writer’s assessment of the current landscape.

Ebook Preservation Gaining Urgency (PW)
Some question whether publishers are thinking hard enough about what happens to their digital content five or ten years after it’s out in the market. According to one librarian, “preservation is the ‘global warming’ issue for e-books.”

Facebook Adds App Likes to Android (Good E Reader)
The social network expands its liking function, which is already available to iOS app developers, to include Android-running devices, giving publishers another metric to mobile gauge users’ engagement.

Ebook Bundling Attracts Digital Comics Readers (Comic Book Resource)
Ebook bundling has yet to take hold on a broad scale, but the charity-centered platform Humble Bundle appears to be gaining appeal in the digital comics market.


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