Confronting Digital Production Challenges

In March, we hosted a popular series of webcasts covering three major areas in ebook production today: design and typographysource file preparation and digital workflow development. All three of those sessions were flooded with questions the speakers didn’t have time to answer. So we asked each of them to address the most critical ones.

In the booklet based on their insights, now available for download, you’ll find answers to key questions like:

  • Where are the first places ebook designers should look to save time at the outset of a new production project?
  • What should designers consider when creating image-rich content as opposed to text-heavy ebooks?
  • What are some resources and best practices for creating accessible ebooks?
  • When should ebook designers utilize software to QA ebooks on multiple channels?
  • How does a print designer fit into a production workflow sourced in HTML or XML?
  • What are some other features of new digital workflows? How can visual editing systems be designed to do things like balance spreads when outputting PDFs and incorporate capabilities like MS Word’s track changes, comments and so forth?

Download the booklet here and check out the complete on-demand webcasts on ebook design and typography, source file preparation and digital workflow development.


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