Competitors Use Hachette to Fight Amazon

shutterstock_168915047Amazon’s contract dispute with Hachette has given some of the big retailer’s competitors an opportunity to make inroads with readers.

Walmart has made a push for sales of Hachette books and they’re up 70% at Amazon’s biggest rival in retailing – a company more than five times the size of Amazon overall but much smaller as a bookseller in the U.S.

The second-largest book chain in the U.S., Books-A-Million, launched a dedicated bookstore online for Hachette titles as well as a marketing campaign and sales are up 300%.

Barnes & Noble has reportedly quietly been featuring and pushing Hachette titles.

But Amazon is so much bigger than each of these retailers, that small drops in sales may not be offset by big jumps at competitors. Malcom Gladwell has reported that his sales at Amazon are down about 50%.

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